New to xdrip, how do I install it?

I recently read about the xdrip app for the dexcom 6 cgm. Everything I read is for using ann apple or android watch with it to view results. Can I somehow use it just on my Samsung galaxy 8+?

Can someone please help me and tell me steps to download it and get it working on my phone? Also how I can use the sensors more than 10 days? Thanks to anyone who responds


I do believe @docslotnick is the resident expert on XDrip around these parts. You might DM him.

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Welcome @Zr8000. XDrip+ will work great on your 8+.

First, download a copy. You have to have “install from.unknown sources” checked on your phone.

After you install, just follow the directions. Make sure you run the data source wizard before you change anything. In it, choose G6, that will automatically set the best settings for the G6. Make sure Bluetooth and location are on. Follow the prompts and you’ll be off and running.

Once xDrip+ connects with your transmitter you can start the 2 hour calibration. It takes longer than that because when it connects to your transmitter it needs 2 or 3 readings, but you’ll see a dialog while it’s doing that.

After you start to get glucose readings you should poke around settings and you’ll gain an understanding of the depth of the app. Start with settings>>xDrip+ Display Settings.

Don’t worry, it takes a while to get it all set up. I’ve been using it for over a year and a half and still finding things I didn’t know about.

Any trouble, just give me a holler. Have fun!

P.S. Lose your receiver while you’re setting up xDrip+. With the G6 you can use the receiver after you finish setting up xDrip+.

Edit: you don’t have to do anything to use the sensor past 10 days. It just keeps going. But after the 10 days you will not have “no calibration” anymore. Just change sensors when it starts getting squirrely.


It says " data source set to g5". Cant find where to change that to g6? Also since my sensor was started on Monday I don’t have 4 digit sensor code, seems like maybe I cant use app til I have code from a new sensor? Thank u so much

How can I get signal back again

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  1. You don’t need to start with a new sensor

  2. The choice should be "G5/G6

  3. Go to settings>>G5/G6 Debugging. Make sure “I am using G6” is checked.

  4. To get signal back, go to System Status". There should be a button to “Restart Collector”. Click it.

Post your settings>>G5/G6 Debugging screen so I can see how it’s set and I’ll give you some feedback.

Keep plugging. It does take some break in time and tweaking.


I hit restart collector and I am waiting for the signal to come back

R u mean this one

Yes. Voltages should be over 300. But there have been problems with monitoring that with G6, so it’s not hard and fast.

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Hi there. I just downloaded xdrip today. I have a new Samsung Galaxy phone that will not connect with my Dex com G6. I see that you are the resident expert with xdrip. After I installed it, I do not see a way to connect the Bluetooth. Any help would be most preciated. Thanks!

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@JeffM Hi and welcome to FUD!

The first thing you should do with xDrip+ is run the Source Wizard. If you haven’t done so yet, just long press the blood drop icon on the xDrip+ home screen and select it in the popup. Then tap it to start. It should give you the options to enable the proper settings. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth and Location are enabled.

That should get it connected. If not there are many other troubleshooting settings to look at.


Thanks. I ended up connecting last night by removing app from iPhone. It lost signal after midnight but I turned off ob1 this morning and seems to work now. However the readings differ from the dexcom receiver.

I think it will do what I need. Working on alarms now.



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Hey just a few questions
Is there a conflict if your using the dexcom app and this at the same time? I would imagine so but I’m using a g5 sensor but I could have sworn a you tube channel said that the samsung s8 plus can pick up 2 different blu tooth signals at the same time and when I tried installing the app it wouldn’t pick up the signal and then eventually died and went back to my dexcom app.
Also does this work w android pie? I haven’t upgraded my OS yet because the dexcom still isnt compatible yet…
Thanks all

Hi @Nobeac Welcome to FUD!

That is correct. You cannot run the Dexcom app and xDrip+ at the same time on the same phone. With the G5 it is possible to run the Dexcom app and xDrip+ on different phones receiving a signal from the same transmitter.


Ok thank you. But does this work with android 9.0?

@Nobeac Yes, xDrip+ should work with Android 9, but still not with the Dexcom app on the same phone.

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Hi can anyone help my son has the libre sensor and miaomiao and i have just bought a ticwatch pro hoping that it could be used as a stand alone option so that his phone(samsung j4 plus) doesn’t gave to be beside him all the time but having some trouble. I have installed glimp as i cant seem to get xdrip and it works ok on watch when his phone is nearby any help would be great

@Bradyboy Welcome to FUD! We have a lot of parents of T1’s here, so you’ll fit right in.

Why can’t you get xDrip+? It’s not on the Play Store, it has to be sideloaded from Github on the internet. You can find it here:

I’m not sure if the Ticwatch Pro can be made to have a direct connection to the transmitter though.

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FWIW, Xdrip is working with fine Android 10.0 Beta 5