Can't get G6 to work with xDrip+

Yesterday i started using a Dexcom G6 CGM on my right arm.
I still have my Libre/MiaoMiao on my left arm!

The reason i bought the Dexcom G6 Starter Kit is because just over a week ago i was given a Tandem t:slim X2 pump and i want to use Basal IQ to stop my numerous Hypos.

I spent a lot of hours yesterday trying to start the G6 using xDrip+.
I have used xDrip+ with my Libre/MiaoMiao for a few years and i really like it.

Unfortunately i could not make xDrip+ work with the G6.

So, i installed the Dexcom G6 App on my phone ( Huawei P20 running Android 9 ) and managed to get that working. After getting the Dexcom app to work, i was able to setup the G6 with my pump.
I was also able to start the Basal IQ feature which now works wonderfully.

However, i just don’t like the Dexcom G6 App. It is nowhere near as good as xDrip+.

Can anyone help me get the G6 running on xDrip.
I have turned on the Source Wizrd and selected the G6.

At the moment it says “G6 State isn’t currently known. Next connection will update this.”
But clearly nothing is happening.

I have uninstalled the G6 app completely and restarted my phone.
In Bluetooth it says that the G6 sensor is paired.

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@Tigs1962 Welcome to FUD!

It would help to know what brand and model phone you are using, and what Android version it runs. There are a lot of connection problems with some specific phones.

Thank you for the welcome Doc,

My phone is a “Huawei P20, running Android 9”.
Hope you can help.

@Tigs1962 OK.

First, run “native mode”. ( in G5/G6 Debug Settings).

Next, further down on the same settings page, check " Allow OB1to Initiate Bonding", “Scan for G5 constantly”, Authenticate G5 Before Each Reading", and “unbond G5 Before Each Reading”.

I know that you’re using a G6, but these settings effect the way that xDrip+ implements BLE bonding with the transmitter, even with a G6.

Let us know how it goes.

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Hi Tigs1962; regarding xDrip+ with Dexcom G6 I heartily recommend this setup guide:


Check it out, follow the instructions and let us know if it helped.


@emp00 Thanks for that link! Very good info not readily available elsewhere.

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You could try “sugarmate”. I think it is much better than the dexcom app. I use a combination of both. Very simple to setup. Good luck getting xDrip+ working.

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These didn’t seem to do anything at all.
My phones Bluetooth settings say that it is paired.
I have attached some screen shots.

G6-xDrip%20-%20Home%20Screen G6-xDrip%20-%20System%20Status G6-xDrip%20-%20System%20Status-2

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Hi emp00,
It still doesn’t work.
My transmitter DOES start with 8H.

The instructions say:
If your Dexcom G6 transmitter’s serial no. is starting with 8G or 8H try [nightly build 2019/07/28 or later]
My Version is: 6d4d283-2019.10.27

The instructions say:
Do not start new sensor before the following information is shown in
Classic Status Page -> G5/G6 status -> PhoneServiceState:
“Got glucose hh:mm” or “Got no raw hh:mm”

But my System Status page just says “Scanning”

Any other advice?

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@Tigs1962 Do you happen to have a Dexcom G6 receiver?

If you do you can start the sensor on the receiver, xDrip+ in native mode will pick it up in a few readings. When I tried out the G6 that’s what I had to do.

Hi Doc,

I think that we are talking at cross-purposes.
This is part of my initial post:

“So, i installed the Dexcom G6 App on my phone ( Huawei P20 running Android 9 ) and managed to get that working. After getting the Dexcom app to work, i was able to setup the G6 with my pump.
I was also able to start the Basal IQ feature which now works wonderfully”

So, the transmitter IS working, and so is the sensor. It is already communicating with my pump.

What it is not doing is talking to xDrip+

Before you ask, as I also said in my first post:
“I have uninstalled the G6 app completely and restarted my phone.”

I am beginning to think that I will have to try sugarmate. Some people seem to think it is not as good as xDrip+ for functionality, but apparently it is easier to get up and running.

A few questions:

Do I have to have a G6 receiver to use Sugarmate?
If not, do I have to have the G6 app running in the background to use Sugarmate?

If I am contemplating extending the life of my Dexcom G6 sensors, do I have to have xDrip installed?

@Tigs1962 I was just suggesting the Dexcom receiver to ultimately get xDrip+ started, not to use the receiver continuously. I’m not sure the Dexcom app would give the same result.

Strange… From your screenshots looks like you have several queue items pending. Have you tried the following, this helps for me if xDrip resp the Transmitter gets confusied:

  1. Stop sensor
  2. WAIT for ~15 minutes and do not play around with xDrip
  3. Start sensor again, you will then go thru the 2 h warmup again

If then it’s still not communicating correctly I suspect your phone has special energy saving measures interfering with the Bluetooth connections. Seach in your mobile phone’s options and disable step by step all “battery” or “energy” optimizations you can find. In worst-case your phone is not compatible.

By the way you could also check out and post your xDrip logfile (button right top corner, Event Log) - here you can find more detailed error messages possibly giving concrete hints what you need to do.

That’s all I have to contribute at this time … Keeping my fingers crossed you can achieve your goal.