Can't download xDrip. What am I doing wrong?

I am trying to download xdrip on Samsung S9+, Android 9.0.
I’ve tried downloading NighscoutFoundation/Xdrip apk and nothing happens. I’ve turned on developer mode as well as tried looking for it “Install Unknown Apps” and searched for xdrip and could not find it.

I’ve installed pockethub and download is through github.

I’m sure I am missing a step. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @motibhatia I think if you go to downloads in your file explorer and tap on the xdrip+ .apk file, you’ll get a dialogue asking if you want to install.

I’m on 8.1 so I’m not sure how 9.0 handles it.


@docslotnick Android 9 is the same. Go to Files>downloads> xdrip. Apk. Tap to. Install. If additional permissions are needed, screens will pop up asking for permission. Also, settings>apps>special app access>Install unknown apps is where to find the unknown app access in Android 9


@elver. Thanks!

Most welcome