Cannot get xDrip + to work on Galaxy s21 ultra

Greetings and Salutations!! I need some links for the most updated version of xdrip+. My older link will not connect the transmitter to the phone. The Bluetooth hates it. I have tried giving permission to everything but it will not pair for more than a second. Help!!

Here is latest (and prior) version apks.

I tried clicking on the link on my phone, nothing happened?? Unfortunately I need the steps explained to me for how to re-load xDrip+ to my phone and get it to pair. Thank you so much.

You can get installation instructions here.

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I can install xDrip fine, I just cannot get my transmitter to pair with my phone on the app…ARGH!

@docslotnick Help!!

Please check the links I put in your give

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i 2nd mm2’s advice to follow the steps, especially all of the settings…remember xdrip works great with dexcom, but can also be used for guardian, some libres, Eversense, and one check or uncheck can affect whether or not it works… i also noticed that if you power off your phone for a little while (1 or 2 minutes) close all other apps, when you power it back on, it will take a little while (1 to 3 minutes usually) for the dexcom transmitter to ask to be paired on the dexcom app…not the normal Bluetooth pairing, and if you dont hit yes, youll have to wait again…