XDrip & Samsung are at it again

Looks like we’re in for another round of bluetooth issues connecting xdrip to a dexcom g6 via a Samsung phone. So far every attempt I’ve made at hunting for my transmitter has failed, but I’ll post if I figure it out, and if anybody else has already done the dance and cares to fill me in, I’d love to hear how they worked it out!



I have had no issues with my Galaxy s21 ultra pairing with Dex G6. Do you also run the dex app on your phone? That could be the issue.


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I tried a reboot and seemed to re-pair quicker.
Sometimes got message that app needed to be open, so I made sure to keep xDrip app open.

During this time, I can see bg on my Tandem pump or T:Connect app, so not too bothered by it…

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