I give up! (xDrip+ problem)

I give up. I simply cannot get xDrip+ to work on my new phone. Something is not working and I have tried installing it, giving it permission to do anything it wants but it still will not pair. I guess the S 21 ultra has to many hidden security crap installed. I am so bummed.

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Hi @sggmom62,
I edited your post to put xDrip+ in the title. Having xDrip in the title might get the right people to read the thread.

I don’t use it and can’t help you on it, but somebody here might be able to help.

Good luck to you getting it resolved!


I don’t have S21, but found this, although not specific to xDrip.

And this is xDrip and s21.


I used to be fairly well versed in xDrip+ but gave it up because it was too high maintenance and constantly had issues/errors I had to resolve.

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