Samsung S21+ and sDrip Bluetooth Connection Problems


First Timer here. I recently got myself a Samsung S21+ phone, and became fast aware that the Dexcom App will not work on this phone. (Thanks Dexcom).
I’m running a G6 currently.

I have downloaded xDrip, however I appear to have errors where the phone is not picking up my Dexcom Bluetooth advice and it’s rendering me unable to use this on my phone.

Anyone who has anty ideas why the BT on this is not working (Yet it works on my car and other BT devices)
I’m crying for your help!

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Can you recheck your transmitter id entered into xDrip. Letter 0 and number zero may be mixed.

In xDrip, check the event log (right side menu bar). May give helpful error messages.

There is also a hacked G6 app that bypasses the check on phone model.

(Find link for “build your own dexcom app”)

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Welcome to FUD @LauraBetes, glad you started posting. Hoping you a quick resolution to your problem and a long tenure as a FUD member.

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