Little help? Had no idea Samsung S10 is not compatible with Dexcom G5

Hi there. I’ve been T1 for 45 years and am new to this forum. Hoping to get some technical help getting my S10 paired with my Dexcom G5. I downloaded xDrip and for the last 4 hours the wizard is stuck on “Receiving Data from DexcomG5 Collector”. Location is on. Bluetooth is on but the device 9C:20:7B:E0:9F:02 can not connect.

Any help here would be so appreciated. I had no idea the S10 and Dexcom weren’t compatible so I’m anxious to see if xDrip can work.

Can you cancel out, and recheck G5 is selected, and transmitter id is correct?

Do you have G5 receiver working ok? Or just using phone as receiver?. There may be a hacked version of dexcom app for non supported phones, but xDrip has more features.

@MM2 thank you. I removed my sensor and realized the transmitter # I entered was wrong. It is now working. I only entered 1 calibration and it hasn’t asked me to enter another. Any suggestions. Thanks.

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I am using xDrip with G4, and enter bgs to receiver.
With your G5, xDrip (phone) reads direct to G5 transmitter.

Are you entering directly in xDrip ? Is there no option to enter again ? Make sure xDrip shows it is G5 on status screen and bluetooth shows.

@docslotnick is more experienced with G5/G6. Hope he can help.

@ScottC there are non-Play approved versions of the official Dexcom app with Play restrictions removed on Reddit. However, you will most likely go d that Xdrip is far superior to the official Dexcom app.

Is it possible that you had initialized the sensor with 2 calibrations previously? Also make sure the collector is set to G5 and OB1\ native algorithm. If you need any additional help, @docslotnick is something of a XDrip guru round these parts.

Hi @ScottC If you are saying that xDrip+ did not ask for a second calibration, that is because it will not ask for calibrations unless you set it to do so.

In fact, xDrip+ really only needs a single initial calibration to get the slope and intercept started. It only gives the two calibration prompt when starting a new sensor for the psychological benefit of Dexcom users.