Xdrip+ with Dexcom G5 and Android 10

Hi all, I use a Motorola Moto G7 Power, Xdrip+ and a dexcom G5, and have used this combination for a long time. However, following the Android 10 update to the phone a few days ago I have been having terrible connection issues.

When the phone loses contact with the G5 I need to completely uninstall and reinstall Xdrip in order to get it to reconnect. I am using the latest nightly build at the moment (25th July 2020).

I have given Xdrip permission for all services, including making changes to the system and install other apps. I have also ensured that battery saving/optimization is disabled for Xdrip.

I have been getting anywhere from 2 to 12 hours of connection so far, but following any disconnection for more than 5 minutes I am required to go through the uninstall/reinstall process.

Does anyone know of anything else I can try?

Failing this, has anyone been using a G8 Power (G Power I think it is called in USA) with Android 10? If so, have you had connection issues or does it work well? If I can’t solve the problem with the G7 (and it isn’t present on the G8) I might just get a new phone.

Happy to upload logs if you think it will help diagnose the issue. Thanks for reading!

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Hi hellos, thanks for your post. I’m also using a Moto G7 Power, with xdrip+ and a G5 transmitter. I’ve navigated through several problems with bonding and connecting, usually due to my location setting or bluetooth setting getting messed up.

Now I’ve just installed the new Android 10, and xdrip hasn’t connected since then. Still searching for the solution…


Quick update:
Thankfully, a quick uninstall of xdrip+ (after my upgrade to Android 10 on my Moto G7 Power) and an install of the latest xdrip apk (including a permission to “whitelist” it) got me connected again. Makes me wonder if the existing app was automatically blacklisted by the new Android 10?

FWIW, I’ve found the “G5/G6 Debug settings” (found under Settings in xdrip+) to be crucial for the functionality of the app on my phone. I currently have checked three options: “Use the OB1 collector”, “Allow OB1 initiate bonding”, and “Force G5 to UI thread”. I don’t understand what’s behind these; I’m just sharing what settings work on my Motorola G7 Power.

Much gratitude to all the developers of xdrip+, and to the community here sharing your experience!!


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Glad you got it working. You may be one of the few left not yet on G6, and some things with xDrip will change for G6.

When you switch, there are many G6 discussions.

Good to hear! Mine has actually started mostly behaving also, despite no further changes from my end besides upgrading to the latest nightly build. But it was behaving more even before that. Of course this all happened after I ordered a new phone to try and fix the issue…
In regards to being one of the last on the G5, not sure where everyone else is, but in Australia the G6 only just got approved for use, so I think there will be many of us on the G5 for a while yet. By the sounds of things this is somewhat of a positive for those of us who are using re-batteried transmitters. From what I understand the G6 is much more problematic in that regard?

Yes, Dexcom has made changes with latest G6 transmitters, that prevent xDrip from getting raw data and running past 10 days. Battery replacement doesn’t work because you have to tell old transmitter to clear days used, and dexcom now prevents that (so far).

With G5, xDrip keeps working as long as there is signal, regardless of day count when non native mode is used.

At best, you can get 100 days on G6 transmitter. With Tandem pump, decisions are made for insulin delivery, so I understand why they locked it down more.

For US, dexcom stopped selling G4/G5 transmitters as of June, and plan to stop Sensors at year end.