Xdrip+ with G6 on Android 10 connection problems

Hi, I have a pixel 3 phone with Android 10 OS and keep encountering a problem with xdrip+. It seems like any time it misses a signal, it can’t get the signal back ever again and I end up having to uninstall and reinstall xdrip. For example today it was working fine all day but then I was away from my phone for 10 minutes, xdrip showed a missed signal error when I got back, and now it’s been 3 hours and it still hasn’t picked the signal back up again. Any tips or pointers?

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This is most likely a question for @docslotnick, but when I have those types of issues with G5 and Android 10 I check to see if the battery saver mode is on (if it is, turn it off it interferes with XDrip somehow), then I open the hamburger on the upper right side of the XDrip home screen and look for events log. Anything listed in red, like "location mode not enabled’ is usally the culprit.

Thanks for responding - nothing red in my events log and can’t figure out anything obvious from what’s in there.

It’s a known issue (at least on fudiabetes.org).

The one-line fix is to turn off bluetooth; xDrip+ (with the default settings) will turn it back on again and recover, at least with my settings :frowning:

The problem is that xDrip+ goes into a mad “ooh, I’ve lost the connection” panic which in a rich (sic) bluetooth environment causes it to not be able to connect to anything, anytime.

Try turning off bluetooth (do not turn it back on; xDrip+ has to do that.) If that doesn’t work I’ve documented a variety of xDrip+ settings in the past (here) that might help, but the bottom line is to stop xDrip+ trying to fix the problem because there really is no problem (it just lost a reading) and therefore there is no fix.

John Bowler

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@rathman720 Try this.

Settings>G5/G6 Debug settings and place a check next to “Authenticate G5 Before Each Reading”, and “Unbond G5 before each reading”.

Your problem is that in some Android 10 iterations the BLE doesn’t properly disconnect after a reading and causes xDrip to keep scanning and not connecting. This fix solves that problem.


10 wowza points for using the word iterations! Woohoo!

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