G6 signal erratic losses with xDrip+

Hi all,

I just moved today from FSL and miaomiao to G6 for my 10 yo daughter.
I have the latest xdrip release and the warm up went well…

However, since that, I keep on having signal losses erratically… Sometimes it works perfectly for 4 or 5 consecutive readings and suddenly, I have signal missed for 15 min… 20 min…

G6 options on the phone:
Use the OB1 Collector is ticked
Native Algorithm is ticked

Any idea ?

Any options to tick ?


@Kywalh Hi! And Welcome to FUD!

If you’re using a Samsung phone go into settings>> less common settings>>other misc options and check “buggy Samsung Workaround”.

Did you start the G6 with the startup wizard? That will make sure the optimum settings are enabled.


@docslotnick thank you for your reply !
She has a Wiko phone and I went through the startup wizard, latest nightly built from the 10th of Jan…

Should I try to activate the Samsung option anyway ?


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@Kywalh It wouldn’t hurt to run it.

Also, in G5/G6 Debug settings, tick “fallback to xDrip” and swe if that helps.

@docslotnick I will try !!!
See the picture of the settings… If you see something…

Why can’t I put more than 1 picture ?

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@Kywalh Uncheck “allow OB1 unbonding”, “force G5 to ui thread”, “authenticate G5 before each reading”, G5 Bluetooth Watchdog"

Tick “Bluetooth Wakelocks”.

If this works you can try rechecking/unchecking items to find out what is breaking the system.

Also, on the three dot menu on the upper right xDrip+ home screen you can click “view events log” and see where it’s hanging up.

@Kywalh Also you should know that Wiko has not been tested with xDrip+ so it is not on the recommended phone list.

This is, however, not a hard and fast list of phones that work. Just ones that have been tested.


I made the changes you proposed…
Let see…

I know for the compatible phone and I don’t have any issue to buy a new one but I also need to ensure it works with AndroidAPS too…


Enclosed a part of the log…

@Kywalh Ok. It looks like GATT is not properly disengaging to allow a new session. This was a common problem on some older phones.

Go to "less common settings>>Bluetooth settings and tick “close GATT on BLE disconnect” and “Always Discover Services”.

I think that will get rid of that error.

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Change done… Always discover services is ticked but greyed… So I cannot changed it…

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@Kywalh Oops, sorry. Engineering Mode must be enabled.

On the xDrip+ home screen, tap the eye dropper icon. In the treatment applet that pops up, click the microphone and say “Enable Engineering Mode”. There will be a confirmation toast that it was turned on. Go back and make sure discover services is ticked and not grayed out.

Even if already ticked ?

@Kywalh Yes. It won’t be applied until engineering mode is enabled

Engineering mode enabled !

What shall I look at ? Log again ?

@Kywalh Yes, look at the log again to see if you’re getting GATT related errors. If you are still consistently getting them, you may need to try another phone.

Ok… It seems that I still have those errors…
I need to change phones but I have no clue how to proceed since the sensor is started and the transmitter is paired…