How to get xDrip+ to work?

Greetings Everyone. I just started using the G5 about 3 months ago, and my first transmitter came to it’s end two days ago. In an attempt to find a way to make it last longer, I found this forum
and have been reading for the last two days. I must THANK EVERYONE on here for the vast amount of knowledge you have given me. That brings me to xDrip+. I downloaded it two days ago (and my transmitter is still going… thanks @docslotnick for that thread) but I don’t really know how to use it. Does anyone know of a “user manual” for the app that I could download?


@pix645q Unfortunately, there is no manual. I started to compile one, but it would have been more than 100 pages long, and outdated before it was finished.

The best way to learn all that xDrip+ can do is to just start exploring and experimenting. Once you have it set up and working it is hard to break! It really is not difficult, but there is so much there it will take you a while.

Good Luck! And Welcome to FUD. If you have any problems with xDrip+ just give me a shout out and I’ll try to help.


Thanks @docslotnick. Since you offered… lol
I keep getting “missed reading” or something like that. I read about the “collector” and folks getting 95 - 100% collection rate. Mine keeps loosing the connection, several times for over 100 minutes at a time. I also read that as I use the app, it gets better at staying connected. Can you give me some direction in getting the 95-100 and how to keep it connected? Thanks

@pix645q Sure

  1. Disconnect the Dexcom receiver from the transmitter you’re using. Just go into the receiver or Dexcom app and erase the transmitter serial number.
  2. Make sure that Bluetooth and location are always enabled on your phone.
    3.Go into settings>>G5 and G6 Debug settings and put check marks next to: Use OB1 collector, OB1 Initiate Bonding, Scan for G5 Constantly, and Authenticate G5 Before Each Read. There should be nothing else checked (except in the grayed out options which pertain to the Dexcom native collector)
  3. You can also go to Settings>Less Common Settings and check Aggressive Service Restart.
  4. Still in Less Common Settings go into Bluetooth Settings. Check the first four items, Bluetooth wakelocks, and Always Discover Services.

This is probably overkill, but it will get you through initial break in. After a long while you can reverse some of these settings experimentally.

Let me know how it goes!


Great! Thank you very much. I’ve got them all set, but I just noticed it says “Noise:High” What is Noise and what do I do to make it normal?

@pix645q “Noise” is the quality of the BLE signal. Things like pressure on the transmitter can cause noise. It usually shows up as sudden ups and downs on the graph.

Usually it just resolves after a while. If it doesn’t, I know it’s time to change the sensor.

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Great… Thanks!
I really appreciate your help @docslotnick. Now if I can just figure out which (free) app is the best for counting carbs, I’ll be all set… lol

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@pix645q I use Fat Secret to look up carb content. It also lists fiber, so I can get net carbs. Then I enter the carbs into xDrip+ and it does the appropriate bolus calculation.

Almost like a video game!


Very nice. I now have fat secret and can see how you are calculating net carbs. I have also figured out how to add carbs and Insulin into xDrip+. What I haven’t found is where in xDrip+ does it tell me the appropriate bolus?

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@pix645q If you go into Settings> xDrip Predictive Settings it will become clear.

Also don’t forget Settings>Glucose Units. You also want to look at Settings>Less Common settings>Extra Status Line. There is a lot there.

For the predictions: xDrip+ draws a prediction line on the graph. For the bolus calculator: the recommended carbs or bolus is displayed at the top of the screen based on your input end it’s predictions.

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Is the prediction the"loB: 13.55" that is right at the top?

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@pix645q. NO. IoB is insulin on board. The purple line is the predictions curve ( depending on how you set it in settings>display settings)

33u for 96g? You’re as insulin resistant as I am!

Uploading: att_15404230814218.jpg…

I just wanted to show you what you can display. The circles I drew are around the prediction graph and the bolus calculator.

Sorry. I had to reduce the file size

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Lol… Ya, I’m pretty resistant. Also, I was eating at an airport restaurant so I was guessing. I ended up taking about 15 more units two hours later.

That’s interesting what all I can display. I need to figure out how to get the bolus calculator in there and learn more about the app… lol

So… I guess I’m pretty dumb. I can’t figure out where the bolus calculator is on the screenshot you posted. It it the (Datricae) line?

@pix645q, I split the thread and gave you your own :slight_smile:

@pix645q Its at the very top next to the IoB calculator. In the screenshot it’s telling me to eat 2 carbs to bring my Bg to 100 according to the purple prediction line.

If you were to enter 30 carbs it would display the appropriate amount of insulin, if you entered 30 units of insulin it would display the appropriate number of carbs. If your Bg was 200 it would display the correction dose of insulin if your target is lower than 200. If your target is 100 and your Bg is 100 it will not display anything.

You need to interact with the calculator and decide if it’s right or wrong. It’s not perfect in every situation. It’s just a guide.

The Datrcsae line is just an alternate algorithm.

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Great, thanks. Sorry for being so needy… lol

OK, I understand all that. But my readout doesn’t give me the carb equivalent (the parentheses on yours)

. Any idea what I need to check for that?