Dexcom G6 and Xdrip+ / Samsung Galaxy S10+


I’m currently on the Dexcom G6 running a Samsung galaxy S8+ with the latest Xdrip+ and a Huwawei watch not as a collector, which I’m fine with. I also upload to Nightscout via Heroku and display my BG as a tab in Chrome while at work.

Friday I’m upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S10+ which I understand is Android Pie. Anything I need to be aware of?

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Xdrip stopped working
Xdrip+ and g6

@bpollina xdrip for sure works with Pie, not sure about the 10+ and Xdrip, but please do let us know what challenges if any you have.


@bpollina I am not sure if you have a similar issues as me, but my XDrip for my S10+ is constantly experiencing “Signal Missed” issues.

These Signal Missed errors occur more often than expected behavior. Any reason why this may be @elver ?

I am new to XDrip so I may have overlooked something…


@khaled any Chance you also have a Dexcom receiver running? If so, that could be the. Problem. @docslotnick is also a great resource and a awesome troubleshooter.


I do not have a dexcom receiver running. Many people seem to be having this issue as i search threads online…


On a side note, @elver @docslotnick ,

The phone does not connect to the transmitter at all at night even though my Samsung S10+ is right next to my bed on its charger.

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@khaled Make certain that Bluetooth and location are not disabled when charging. Some phones also have a night mode that disables those functions.

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@docslotnick I will make sure of that tonight… However this does not solve the issue of my continuous loss of signal throughout the day (30 min every hour or every other hour)

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@khaled If you are using G6, go to Settings>G5/G6 debug and make sure to check “G6 support” and “Allow OB1 initiate bonding”. Also uncheck " minimize scanning".

Also Settings>less common settings> other misc options, check "buggy Samsung Workaround. See if that helps collection.

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@docslotnick Hmm all of this stuff was already checked (or unchecked for minimize scanning).

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@khaled Did you try the fixes that people reported on that Reddit thread you noted above?

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@docslotnick No luck unfortunately… I have been on signal loss right now for the past 208 minutes even though my phone has been right next to me.


@khaled Try going to settings> less common settings>Bluetooth settings.
Check Bluetooth Watchdog, G5 Bluetooth Watchdog, Close GATT on Bluetooth disconnect, trust auto connect, and Always Discover Services.

This is kind of a Bluetooth shotgun troubleshooting technique. If you get it working you can selectively disable these settings one at a time and see which ones need to stay enabled.


Okay, so I think I got it working late last night by reupdating to the newest nightly update.

Thank you for your help though! This is an amazing app and I am still trying to learn all of its features.

Do you happen to know where I can learn more about the apps features and functionality?


@khaled Glad you found a way to get it going!
Unfortunately, there is no such document available. The app is so rapidly developing that manuals are quickly outdated. I’m working on a wiki that explains settings, but it is slow going.

The best way to learn all of its functions is to just dive in.


Hey guys,

Great thread - it helped me through the same issues. I think Samsung changed some “power saving” settings that really kinda screwed up XDrip+… I was getting all kinds of missed readings and dropped signals on a new sensor and transmitter, but my Tandem T-Slim was still getting everything. The problem really became obvious when Plex wasn’t able to play music in the background… which made it clear that Samsung had decided to limit what background apps can do.

I did what everyone suggested - updated to the latest build, enabled some of the power options as mentioned in the reddit thread, and cleared the XDrip+ cache - so far so good.

The plus side of it, was as @docslotnick suggests, I really dug in to the settings of XDrip+ for the last week, and I learned a lot! You can’t really mess something up… worst comes to worst, you just start over, so I’d encourage anybody facing this issue to give it a shot!



Hey @Pastadude Nice to hear that you’ve got it running so well!

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Hah! Looks like I spoke too soon. Intermittently throughout the day I’ve continually experiences dropouts. I’m positive it’s something to do with Samsung’s Android update though, as the issues seem to arise whenever XDrip+ isn’t constantly active. Restarting the collector seems to reactivate it (at least temporarily), but I think I’ll have to poke around under the hood a bit more to try and figure out what’s going on. For now, the Tandem is still working just fine though, so… hooray for small miracles?

And hey, because it’s late and I’m introspective, let’s not forget to be thankful with how far diabetes management has come. I remember the huge needles, the glass vials, the constant finger pricks with a percentage of error that was just expected - the coding on test strips and the “I don’t feel good but I don’t know what to do or why”… so though there might still be troubles and issues and complications, we have it way, WAY better than people used to, so I have to stop and be appreciative to be part of a community that endures with me, and to be appreciative for all of the technology and knowledge that we just take for granted. Again, just 2 seconds of appreciation, but still, good job guys!



Nice, @Pastadude! I’ll look forward to reading what you have to say about the S10 and xDrip! Glad to see you posting again, I was worried you had run into some trouble :slight_smile:

@khaled, congrats on getting it to work, and welcome to the forum!

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Yep, so I definitely spoke too soon - I’m right back to having missed readings almost immediately. Restarting the collector does seem to boot it back up, but it’ll drop out again within half an hour now every time. The backfill of info always works though, and weirdly, my tandem TSlim X2 doesn’t ever drop out (though I’m not wearing it today).

I’m certain the Samsung update has caused problems, though I’m unsure what exactly the issue is. I’ll keep messing with the options (both with the Samsung and the XDrip+), but at this point I’m pretty close to wiping XDrip+ and starting with a fresh download after this sensor kicks the bucket (I’m on day 10 so far) - fingers crossed it’ll work.

In the meantime, I think I might beg and plead over at reddit to see if anybody can post or send me screengrabs of their workarounds to see which options are enabled (both in XDrip+ and Samsung) to try and emulate their success! If I do figure it out, I’ll be sure to let you guys know what the “general consensus” solution is!