Samsung One UI 2 errors XDrip (Android 10)

I recently updated to Android 10 (One UI 2 for samsung users) accidentally joining there beta program. I have been experimenting with Xdrip and everything works for a while when following the steps in this article:

However, I eventually lose data/ signal after about 20 minutes completely and the “Aggressively restarting collector service due to lack of reception backoff: 240” messages.

I also get the messages “could not read reply to auth challenge: [long url here]”

On the regular Dexcom G6 app, everything is working fine

Does anyone potentially know what is going on? I am using the Dexcom G6 with the latest XDrip nightly releases (11/2/2019)


Yesterday I had the stupidity to update to android 10 immediately, after which hdrip stopped reading data normally. After trying all the settings, decided in the evening to roll back to 9 android.

How did you roll back? I’ve been reading that it’s a major job.

That’s what I needed:

    • device backup on windows 10
  • odin program
  • itself firmware android 9 for my Samsung(carefully choose the firmware)

Yeah it seems to be Android 10. xDrip+ doesn’t like it yet, so you would either need to roll back Android OS or use another app for your CGM until xDrip+ is working with it.

I’m repeating the same question in two threads (threads on exactly the same subject which said exactly the same thing): is this exactly the same phone? I.e. did you uninstall xDrip+, install the Dexcom app and then everything started working?

Has anyone installed the last night xdrip? How on samsung android 10 now?

The 12-22 xDrip+ update supposedly fixed the Android 10 problem. I’ve read mixed reviews. Has anybody here had success with it yet?