G5 and Galaxy s10e - doesnt work together

Hello everyone!
Is there some way how to make Galaxy s10e and Dexcom G5 app compatible?
I see its not compatible on Dexcom homesite, but Ive heard that there is some way how to make it work.

I dont want to use xdrip.
Ive tried to download “dexcomapp” from github, but doesnt work either.
I can download the app, but when I try to connect the trasnmitter it fails.

Thank you for you tips! :slight_smile:


Welcome! This tech stuff can be so frustrating! Hope someone is along soon who can advise.


Did you try this one for G5? I think the one you posted was G6


No, I didnt. I’ve tried the “dexcomapp” for G5. Wasn’t for G6.

Thank you! :slight_smile:
Do you think I can try to connect my new s10e and this app to transmitter which I already use with my old Galaxy S6? For sure I would disconnect it with the S6 before connecting to s10e. Just not sure if its not gonna destroy the transmitter…

I’ve heard you can connect transmitter to one receiver and one phone. (Tandem pump is considered a receiver.).

But if one is the hacked G5 app, it may not consider that connection. Its worth a try, but may stop at 2.

oR…You could set up the 2nd phone as follower. I haven’t done this, but its great for parents with D-kids, who have multiple people they want alerted.

There are others here who use follow, so you can search or raise new post for more help with follow.