Pairing a Samsung Galaxy S10 phone with Dexcom G6

Hi all. I am new to this site but have had TID for 15 years and am using an Omnipod pump with the Dexcom G6. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 phone which as you know is not compatible with the Dexcom G6 as earlier models of the Galaxy have been. I know there have been posts on this site before about using xdrip+ to be able to see real-time CGM data on the Galaxy S10, but I couldn’t find a post about how to set this up. When I go to the app store on the Galaxy and search for nightscout xdrip+, I can’t find the app. Please advise what app I should be looking for and how to set this up. Thank you!

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You will not find xDrip as app, but can download the apk file.

Here is another discussion with details.

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I have gone to that link to download the app, but when I try to download the file it is telling me it may harm my phone. Have you seen this?

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That is standard warning, I got it too. You can still download it.

As noted, you also need this. I don’t recall if I had to do that on mine. (Under settings, security)

You have to have “install from.unknown sources” checked on your phone.

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Ok I’ll give it a try

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Good luck, let us know how it goes.

Got the xdrip+ running on my Samsung Galaxy S10. Thanks for your help. So far, so good. Thinking about getting an Android watch, as well, and wanted to know if you have any suggestions about which watch is best with the S10 and the Dexcom G6 using xdrip+. Advice? In particular, is there an Android watch that displays xdrip readings without having to be near the phone?

Great to hear!!

I don’t use watch, but there is good discussion here.

You can add to that discussion for more feedback.

I use a Huawei watch 2, but it’s not linked to the phone since it only has a BT and wifi connection. If I had a data enabled version, I could stream my Nightscout site to my watch, but sadly I’m a cheap guy and don’t want to pay extra for the data

The Samsung S10 app for Dexcom just came out 8/25! :grin: Finally!

Now compatible