Samsung watch dexcom g6?

Hello! I am trying to connect my dexcom g6 to my samsung galaxy 46mm watch. I would love to figure out how to have my dexcom g6 connected to my watch and not my phone. If you have any advice please help!

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I’m interested in any answers to your question! I’m relatively new to Dexcom G6, and am very confused about which smart watch to buy. I use a Samsung S7 phone, and after lots of googling and hours spent in Curry’s, yesterday I bought a Samsung Galaxy Active (model SM R500), I rang Dexcom technical department before opening the box, and was told that NO Samsung watch is suitable, as they all run on Tizen. I am not technically savvy, and I haven’t a clue what that means, or what watch to buy. Apple is out of the question as I use an android phone, Fitbit aren’t compatible at all, Samsung aren’t compatible…Garmin customer service tell me their watches aren’t suitable. I’m at my wits end! Hopefully you’ve got this cracked by now? :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Dexcom will only work as a display device with an Apple Watch or selected Android Wear watches running Wear 2.0-2.9. For either option you still need to carry the phone.

On the other hand there is xDrip+, an Android open source program, with which you can either use it as a display device with most watches, or selected Android Wear watches as the receiver independent of a phone connection.

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Thanks. I don’t mind having to always have my phone to hand., apart from how would I be able to see my results on my watch, if my phone was in a locker at the spa/swimming pool? I’m still a bit confused though. - as long as I have an android wear or wear os by google, I should be ok? Does anyone have any advice regarding watches that don’t look like they’ve been designed for a large man? I have relatively small wrists, and I’m finding it very difficult finding a more dainty watch. I’m not a girlie female, I just want something less bulky and ugly than all the ones I’ve seen so far. I’m getting fed up of searching! :roll_eyes:

Easiest solution is to return the Galaxy watch, and buy an iPhone and Apple watch.

@Killerqueen You can make a Garmin watch work as a display, but it takes a little bit of hacking.

Look at Bluejay, a watch developed by the xDrip+ developer especially for use with xDrip+.

The Amazefit watches are integrated into xDrip+. You also can use a Tic watch which isn’t huge.

Almost any Android Wear watch will work as a display device. It just gets more selective if you want it to connect with the transmitter.

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Thanks. I thought that it was impossible to connect to the transmitter? I was under the impression that whatever watch I get, it will communicate with my phone. I’m not tech savvy. What I want is a waterproof smartwatch, that can receive texts, calls, etc, has sleep monitoring, and that I can see my BG at a glance. Am I being unrealistic? Oh yes, I also don’t want it to be manly! :woozy_face:

I’ve returned the Galaxy. Yes, I was beginning to think the same as you’ve suggested, but it seems to be a costly solution! Also I’ve already got 2 iPads, and I’d prefer not to give Apple any more of my cash! I don’t like having my eggs all in one basket, either! But I’m sorely tempted, as I like the look of the Apple watches and they seem to tick all my boxes

Having all your eggs in one basket makes perfect sense in this case. Apple’s eco system is brilliant with seamlessly linking all their devices. I love all my Apple products and wouldn’t use an Android phone if my life depended on it. If you want a nice looking Apple watch, look into the ceramic series, I have the white edition and bought the Nike platinum band for it.

I understand that Apple watches need charging at least every 18 hours - would you agree?

Is xdrip the preferred app to use?

No. I get two full days of use from each charge.

@Killerqueen XDrip+ (a far superior app than Dexcom) does take some tweeking, depending on your hardware, to work.

For your purposes the iPhone and Apple Watch with the Dexcom App would be the easiest to set up and get working.

But, as I currently have a Samsung S7, isn’t there a simpler, cheaper solution for me? I accept I need to splash out on a decent smartwatch, but I’d prefer to do it without splashing out on a new phone too. What do you consider isn’t good about the Dexcom app?

I have an early version of the BlueJay watch and used it as a standalone collector. I switched to Loop though, so am now using Apple devices. I still use xDrip+ on my Android phone as it has so many display features, including Stats and History.

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It’s just that the Dexcom app is so bare bones. All it really does well is show you what your bG is. But that maybe all you need.

XDrip+ on the watch, gives you, among other things, a much better graph, predictions, ease of entering treatments. The phone app gives you even more, like bolus/correction and carb need calculator, IOB, a boatload of statistics, cloud upload to various services, momentum of Bg change (one if my favorites), carbs on board, statistics on its home screen, almost unlimited alarm customization, and much more.

In short, the Dexcom app is good at what it does, but that’s really not that much.

Wow! I had thought that all I wanted was the Dexcom app, but now I’ve read that…!
So, if I want to just try out the Dexcom app, but later decide on a more complex one, what brand watch will accept both? Am I right in understanding that it’s the Dexcom app, which is limiting my choice of watch? As I already warned you, I’m sorry if it’s taking me awhile to grasp the tech behind all this, but I’m just not tech savvy! :neutral_face:

@Killerqueen Dexcom gives you the choice of many watches, among which are xDrip+ compatible watches which are Android Wear 2.0-2.9.

If you want the ability of the watch being the collector, cross reference your Dexcom watch choices with the xDrip+ collector choices.

To successfully use xDrip+ though you will need to brush up a bit on your technical knowledge, just due to it being more complex and broad than the Dexcom app.