Dexcom direct to Android Watch

@Sam - Would an Android watch allow the direct CGM data to your wrist?

I don’t know. I’m about as technically savvy as my grandma. Seems some people have figured out how to but I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’d love it if someone would explain how to do it

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Hmmm… Perhaps the answer is - No Go.

Dexcom FAQ
"Your Wear watch only communicates with your Android smart device, not the Dexcom G5 Transmitter. You will not get glucose readings, alarms, or alerts on the watch unless it is connected with your smart device. For example,…"

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I thought that’s what all this xdrip gibberish was about though? Eh @docslotnick ?

Maybe it will be in the xdrip wiki…
But yeah - it sounds like you are right that xdrip is how to get it direct to your wrist. And here you are claiming to be non-technical.
HA !!!

Oh cool! If I have any questions can you relay them to that site for me ?

Yes @Sam, this is what all the xDrip+ gibberish it’s all about. I have my Sony Smartwatch 3 acting as my Dexcom receiver and relaying it to my Android phone when it’s in range.

I’ve been using this setup for about eight months now.

Unfortunately the Sony Smart Watch 3 is the only Android wear watch this will work with. Android Bluetooth implementations are just all over the map. The reason I started using my watch as the receiver is because my phone would not connect to the Dexcom transmitter.

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So the Sony 3 can stand alone? It would not require an android phone ?

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Yes, but no. You can use the watch as a receiver without the phone, but you just get basic information and no data saving or sharing until the phone is in range of the watch.

So if all you want is a number and a five hour trend line, and no data uploads you don’t need the phone for anything after it loads the app onto the watch.

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That’s no problem… when I’m in the hot seat I could care less about data saving or logging or any of that I just want to be certain it’s not doing anything unexpected at a quick glance

Then it sounds like it’s your ticket. If you can get the phone in range of the watch once a day all your data will be saved to the app on the phone. But you do need an Android phone for all of the initial setup

EDIT: you need to have the phone twice a day in range of the watch to calibrate. You can enter treatments and glucose values into the watch, but you can’t calibrate without the phone.

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@docslotnick - What is the capture rate on the watch? Are there random capture problems day to day or is that no longer an issue?

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I get a 99% capture rate with the Sony SW3.

I tend to get dropouts if I am carrying one of my kids on my left side and my G5 transmitter is on my right side. The large amount of water in a human body tends to significantly attenute the bluetooth signal (translation - bluetooth does not travel through water).


@Thomas I get 95-98% capture rate on the watch. The few missed readings seem pretty random to me.

I geta 0% capture I my phone (Samsung Note 4), but the developer is working on a fix for that phone that I’m going to try out tonight.


do you mind sharing the steps you used to set that up? I just bought a Sony SW3 and want to give it a shot. I have been waiting for Dexcom and Apple to get the app released for direct to iWatch for quite a while now.

@jweaverak Sure, you have to start by by having xDRIP+. Do you already have that running on your phone?

I was able to get it going, so cool you guys are wizards.

Really is nice to put my phone down and walk away

Thanks for being so available


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@jweaverak Way to go! Pretty easy, no? You’ll get so used to it that it will change the way you do things.

If you have any troubleshooting problems or just want to talk about xDrip+ or diabetes in general, just light us up!

Welcome to FUD!

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@jweaverak @docslotnick how many days does your Sony SM3 battery last when using xdrip+ just from the watch?