Is standalone cgm watch display possible

This topic has been addressed in numberous other threads but I just want to ask it here in one solitary thread instead of as an offshoot of half a dozen others.

Is it currently possible to have a smart watch directly sync to the dexcom G5 transmitter such that it doesn’t need to be anywhere near a smart phone?

If it’s possible how do I go about it? My current smart phone is iphone. I have no smart watch. It’s important for me to be able to be far away from the phone and have the watch still functional for hours at a time… if that’s not possible I’m not interested in pursuing. I don’t know anything about xdrip, jelly donut or any other of the techno jargon.


Currently for Apple Watch the answer is no.

I don’t think there are any smartwatch solutions right now that can directly display BG, they all have to go through a smartphone / Internet.

@Sam The only way to do that at this time is with an Android phone and a Sony smartwatch 3 using xDrip+.
I currently do this every day.

Edit: You can buy a cheap Android phone or tablet, but the watch MUST be a Sony Smartwatch 3, no exceptions. This watch is not being manufactured anymore, but if you don’t mind a pink or lime green wrist band you can get one on eBay or Amazon for about $110.
Let me know if you would like me to walk you through setup. It’s not as difficult as some people make it out to be.


Would I have to have the android phone forever? Or could I just borrroe a friends to initialize the setup then give it back?

Are amazon fire tablets android tablets?

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You need to connect to the phone every once in a while to calibrate the watch. All of the algorithmic calculations are done on the watch except for the calibration. Also, if you didn’t connect the watch and phone once in a while you would have no historical data.

The best combo I can think of would be a small phone (no cell connection needed, just the Bluetooth) and the Sony smartwatch 3. You would not even have to take the phone out of your pocket except to confirm calibration. Also, the watch needs to be charged every day or two.

I don’t know anything about the Fire tablet, but I would assume it’s based on Android.

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Amazon Fire OS is an Android-based mobile operating system produced by Amazon for its Fire Phone and Kindle Fire range of tablets
It is forked from Android.

I made a watchband that holds my Dexcom receiver. No phone needed.

Big advantage? BG records are untraceable unless you want them shared.

Not elegant or fancy for a man of your fashion sense, but very functional and doesn’t require jElly dRip xyz or anything like that.


Heh. You’d poke your eye out if you had to blow your nose. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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To make a long story short. Doctors convinced a family member dexcom was great. However, if she connects it to a phone via internet. They will charge her for everything the insurance paid for. Don’t ask questions it is what it is. I’m trying to science the h#ll out of this because my family member has become attached to Dexcom CGM device for the past 2 months. I have an old Android phone, and about to buy the watch you stated. However, does this work without internet? I don’t want dexcom being able to track device usage. I simple want her to be able to see the data she has been recording on a watch and view recorded data on the phone.

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@geek You can connect the watch and the Android phone without the internet connection. They connect via Bluetooth. The Dexcom transmitter and the phone will connect via BLE (low energy Bluetooth) so there is no internet connection there.

The only internet connection you would need is if you wanted to share the Dexcom data to other remote devices, or if you need to update the app.

Let me know if you need help getting this set up.

And welcome to FUD!


@geek, welcome!

We also think that Dexcom is amazing, btw. For us, it has probably allowed my son to go down 2-3% in A1c, and possibly saved his life a couple of times.

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I would love the steps to set up the Sony Smartwatch 3 if you could provide them. As you directed, I have found the watch on eBay, but would like to understand how it would work before I purchase.
Thank you!
Alli - mom of a T1

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Hi @alliaz18 . The first thing you need to do is get xDrip+ working on the phone that you want the watch to pair with.

Then in settings> smartwatch features just answer the questions about how you want to use the watch, as collected (receiver) or just as a display.

The watch face should have been installed on the watch, just go to settings>watch face (on the watch) and choose an xDrip watch face. Then on the watch go to xDrip+ settings app and make sure it’s set up like the phone.

That’s all there is to it, you should start to get readings on the watch. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen so fast, sometimes it can take a while for the magic to happen.

Let me know how it goes.

Edit: you need to make the decision whether you want the watch to be the collector (receiver) or just a display for Bg. For either scenario you still need the phone for setup and calibrations. I didn’t know if this was made clear.

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hello doc!

i do lots of water sports and can have my phone on me obviously, seems like you know the tric to have the watch work in standalone… could you point me in the right direction? swr50 is running latest OS… (no nfc) i put the the nfc to bluetooth reader in a latex glove that i glueshut and put my wetsuit on…

is there a way to run the swr50 to the blucon without the cell around, no wifi, no internet?

worst case can swr50 run xdrip thru nfc without cell or wifi or internet?


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I believe the blucon is the piece that receives the signal from the Libre and sends out a Bluetooth signal to a receiving device? I’m sorry but I’m not too familiar with the Libre system.

But the SW3 should be able to receive the blucon’s Bluetooth signal, no nfc internet, cell or Wi-Fi nvolved. Also you should be able to use it to receive without the phone.

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yes blucon converts NFC signal from libre to bluetooth that xdrip uses…

where can i find how to setup the swr50 in standalone? ive been playing around and it doesnt seem to work

I would like it to be the receiver as my daughter is aways running around the house without the dexcom receiver and we have Signal Loss.
So I have this correct, this will NOT work with an iPhone, it has to be an Android?

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@alliaz18 , yes you will med an Android phone. If you want to occasionally use the phone as collector get one listed here:

The iPhone fork of xDrip+ called Spike does not support the watch as collector as of yet.

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Thank you so much! I should get the watch in a couple of days, looking forward to trying it out :slight_smile:

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