Is standalone cgm watch display possible


@paascal Go to settings> smart watch features and make the appropriate selections based on your desired use. On the watch change the watch face to xDrip+, and wait for the magic. It may take up to twelve minutes to start. Make sure the settings on the watch in xDrip prefs matches those on the phone.

Let me know when it connects!


@paascal Do you have xDrip+ working properly on the phone? There are settings particular to Libre that must be set for it to work.


@paascal You might try looking here for troubleshooting the watch integration:



Hello there - would it be possible that my HTC phone won’t get xdrip+? It’s not coming up in the apps in Google Play


Hi @alliaz18 Try this link. XDrip+ is not on Google Play. You’ll have to enable “unknown sources” on your phone in security.



I appreciate all your help. I am going to return the watch. I can’t seem to get anything to run. The Xdrip on the Android (which I am not familiar with using since my own phone is an iPhone) just says Collecting Initial Readings (for hours now) and Data Collector Running. I think the whole system is way over my tech ability. Hopefully soon there will be something easier to start up.


@alliaz18 Don’t give up so easily! First, look at the phone list for xDrip+. Is your HTC phone on there?

Next, if it’s on there or not, go to settings>g5 debug and click the debug boxes. When you finally get connection switch to “force watch” in settings>smart watch>Android.

It’s kind of touchy at the beginning but it should settle in.


@alliaz18, we have had many people get frustrated by the setup, but then once they got through the issue(s) they were really happy. You may want to keep working at it just a little longer…


I am considering trying this. Norway is still using Dexcom G4 due to data protection laws prohibiting the G5 (yikes…). I am now using sensors from the G4, and am in the process of buying G5 transmitters out.of-pocket via a friend in the UK.

I have an old Samsung Galaxy S4. It works, but is slow. Will connecting the Sony Smartwatch 3 with an old/slow smartphone work as long as the phone is listed in the xDrip+ phone list?


@Heribeus Welcome to FUD! That’s crazy about Norway’s non-acceptance of the G5. What could they possibly be afraid of?

You most certainly use an S4 with a SSW3 and G5. I used in in that way with a Note3 for several months.

Get xDrip+ started on your S4 phone. Then deploy the watch. There is an internal fix called the Buggy Samsung Workaround that the developer put in xDrip+ a couple months ago so you should be OK.

Let us know how it goes. If you have any questions we have lots of xdrippers who can help you.


Thanks! They consider sensor glucose readings medical data, and they think BT is not secure enough about protecting this data under current data protection laws (which are quite strict). Problem is not the cost…

Anyway, I will get a hold of the G5 transmitter first and test it with my phone before purchasing the watch on ebay. It should be at least a month before I get it, but I will let you know once I get started. Thanks so far for the advice!