Dexcom G5 -> XDrip+ on Sony Smartwatch3 -> XDrip on Android

I am seeking a guide how to get the following working:

  • Dexcom G5 transmitter
  • Using a Sony Smartwatch 3 as the collector (which has XDrip+)
  • Android phone with OS Wear and XDrip+ installed,

I have tried setting this up, without much luck. Are there logs which I can look at to see where the problem resides? Currently the XDrip+ app on my phone reports on the System Status page: Watch Service State: Not running.

My setup:
Android Phone: (Samsung Galaxy S5)

  • Bluetooth on and has paired with watch,
  • Location enabled.
  • The phone does not have the Dexcom app installed.
  • Transmitter Id has been set correctly.
  • XDrip+ settings: Hardware Data Source: G5 transmitter
  • XDrip+ settings: G5 Debug Settings: Authenticate G5 before each read: checked
  • XDrip+ settings: Smartwatch features -> Android wear integration:
    1. Android wear integration: On
    2. Enable wear collection services: On
    3. Force wear collection service: On

Sony Smartwatch 3:
I have selected one of the three XDrip watch faces
There is an XDrip preferences. Should I select any of these?
The watch doesn’t seem to see my phone as a bluetooth device. Should I worry?

I have tried restarting the collector from XDrip on my phone. Tried switching on and off the phone and the watch. Just get the same status as mentioned. Any guides or help much appreciated.

@martingay1975 In G5 Debug>Authenticate before each reading, make sure that is checked. Dexcom transmitters now in use require this. This setting is on the phone.

Also be sure that “force watch as collector” is chosen on both the phone and the watch.

Many thanks for the suggestion. Alas, I already had those settings checked.

In Xdrip there is an option to save settings. Just wondered if anyone has there’s they can share with me… or are there any logs I can look at? or is this a diagnosis flow chart so I can see where the problem lies (e.g. is it the watch not receiving from the transmitter… or is it watch to phone comms?)

Thanks in advance Martin

@martingay1975 You can find it here:

It’s the must exhaustive source on the subject in the internet, written by the dev who developed watch functions fir xDrip+.