XDrip+, Sony SW3 and Jelly Phone

I’m slowly getting my daughter’s SW3 watch, Jelly phone and G6 working, but I’m stuck again with two issues:

  • The smart phone’s supposed to upload to Dexcom’s server, which is does, but only when it’s on a wireless connection. The phone has a 4g data connection and it works, but XDrip+ doesn’t seem to use it. (Well, actually, according to the phone’s logs, XDrip+ has been using the data connection sparingly, but no data shows up using the Follow app.)

  • Way less important, but still vexing: I have the following settings in XDrip+: Android Wear Integration: yes, Enable Wear Collector: Yes, Force Wear Collector: Yes, Disable Force on Wear Low Battery Alert: Yes, Disable Force Wear Collection on Minutes since last Reading from Wear: Yes, Minutes since last Reading: 30, Only use Wear: No. With these settings I would expect that the phone would take over from the watch if the watch’s battery dies (the SW3 battery lasts something like 14 hours), but the phone does not. Did I misunderstand the setting?

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@ErikKnowles I think your problem is the switchover from phone to watch. You would not notice it because the watch will still get readings.

Try only using the watch as the collector, changing your settings in settings>>Android wear and see what happens.

The Jelly seems to be a bit finicky. If you are so inclined you can examine the logs to see what’s happening.

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