xDrip plus: watch as a receiver

Gud after im new here was reading prior cono. Tried some your settings not working right…I have a dexcom g6 ,samsumg s9 + with a samsung s3 frontiner watch. Was trying to use the watch with out carrying the phone is that possible.? Also using xdrip Plus w Wearable widgets

Hi @gee1030, welcome! Some of our resident XDrip experts are sure to be along shortly, especially @docslotnick who is quite knowledgeable about the inner workings of the program.


The only watch to work well in standalone mode (ie., w/out phone in range) is the Sony Smartwatch 3. The xDrip+ developers have implemented support for a few other watches by patching the device’s OS bluetooth implementation. See Patching Android Wear devices for use with the G5 for a list of supported watches and instructions to load the patch.

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Hi @gee1030 as @elver said previously, the Sony smartwatch 3, an out of production watch, is the only watch that will work as a receiver out of the box. There are several others that can be patched to work as receivers.

Another alternative is to get a newer watch with a SIM card and phone capabilities like the Finow line.

But the Samsung watch (with the Tizen OS) cannot be made to work as a collector. Wearable Widgets will allow you to download a 3rd party watchface to use as a display device when in range of your phone, but not independently. But the Tizen OS does not natively support xDrip+ in any way.

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Thanks …what about my phone samsung s9 plus…is it compatible ?

@gee1030 It should probably work, but has not yet been documented to work. I have read of some users who have used it.

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Thanks your guys have ben great i will look into buying a sony watch 3. .Hope you enjoy .Will post when i have one ,Thank you

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FWIW the Andy Rubin Essential PH1 also works with XDrip

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Sorry to be hacking this thread.
I live in Singapore and my Son was diagnosed with T1D last month.
He was on the Libre Sensor for the first 2 weeks but last week we started using Dexcom G6. (Dexcom is not available in Singapore but my Brother sends it over from UK)

I stumbled upon these threads about about XDrip+ and Sony SW3 as a collector and this has made my day! Thank you everyone for your continued and patient responses to all newbies who ask questions here. I did have a few questions of my own and maybe they are silly but here goes.

My son is 4 Years old and we are currently using Galaxy S7 with the Dexcom App. We did not buy the Dexcom Receiver. I use the Follow App to monitor him when I’m at work.

  1. Would the xDrip+ App work with a Dexcom G6 UK Transmitter.
  2. Once I start using xDrip+, does this mean I will not have data on my Dexcom G6 and Follow Apps?
  3. Would this void the warranty of the Dexcom Sensor / Transmitter?
  4. Would the data be uploaded to Dexcom Clarity automatically?
  5. To get setup with a smartwatch as a collector, the things I need are
    a) Android Phone + xDrip App
    b) Sony Smartwatch 3 SWR50

Thank you in advance @docslotnick @gee1030


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Hi @manas Welcome to FUD!

Yes. As a matter of fact, the developer of xDrip+ is located in the UK.

Not at all. You can run the G6 on the Dexcom app and on another Android phone. They just cannot be the same phone.
XDrip+ will upload to the Follow server on your Dexcom account, so no worries there.

No. The warranty on the sensors is still intact. The transmitter would probably be a little dicier, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

xDrip+ does not currently upload to Clarity, but it’s a work in progress. You can upload to Tidepool, which will give you Clarity like reports. Most doctors recognize Tidepool.

Yes, that’s the ticket. Get it going on the phone first, and then add the watch.

Good luck. If you need help with the setup, just ask!

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Hi @docslotnick. Thanks so much for your replies.
A quick follow-up though on the flow of data as per my understanding.

G6 Transmitter -> SSW3 Watch (Collector) [via Bluetooth]
SSW3 Watch -> xDrip+ Android Phone 1 (Collector) [via Wifi / Android Wear Cloud… after initial bluetooth pairing]

and simultaneously with

G6 Transmitter -> Dexcom G6 Android Phone 2 (Second Collector) [via Bluetooth] ??

xDrip+ Android Phone 1 -> xDrip+ Android Phone 2 and 3 Followers (via Wifi/4G through xDrip Cloud?)?



Exactly. You have a very good understanding of the data flow.

One nice thing about the G6 transmitter is that it has a 3 hour ( I think) fill in to the receivers it’s connected to.


I tried to install xDrip+ on my phone(Phone2) and connect to the G6 Transmitter. This was while G6 Transmitter was connected to the Dexcom App on Phone1 and updating values. I got the following message

“G6 State isn’t currently known. Next connection will update this”
Under the System Status it says
Data Source: G6 Native
Bluetooth Device: None set
Connection Status: Not connected.

I have tried Restart Collector and Forget Device but it doesn’t seem to be able to connect.

I initially used the Wizard and then Checked a couple of more options which I found in your answers to other people. Still no luck

Thank you.

@manas That’s strange. What phone are you using? XDrip+ should just pick right up when you connect it this way.

I managed to get my phone to work. Not sure how :slight_smile:

Another question I have is, Am I right to say that xDrip+ on an android phone will not work if the Dexcom App is enabled on a second phone.
This means, I cannot have 2 phones (1 with xdrip and 1 with deccom) querying the transmitter concurrently?

Thanks for your help.

I believe that Dex can have the receiver and a phone connected, but not two phones…
Believe me, I’d love to connect several (unofficial) devices to one transmitter!

Hi @Morrisminor72

Thanks. It makes sense.

I think I’ll go ahead and order a receiver. It would be useful to get data on that too and upload to clarity (eventhough tidepool is pretty much the same) so as not to raise eyebrows from Dexcom guys if a sensor/transmitter were to fail.

I don’t have a receiver, but nor have I had a sensor or transmitter fail (yet). I’m in Australia, and might need to get creative in the event of a fail. Mind you, I have kept a sensor going for 42 days, and my original transmitter is day 149 after a reset on xdrip.
But I’m using G5, we don’t have G6 yet.