Xdrip+ with Sony SW3 vs. Dexcom with Apple Watch Series 1 go!

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running 8.0 Android.
Toying (not sure) of getting an iPhone SE.

I currently have Xdrip+ and am thinking of getting a Sony SW3 watch.
I’m also thinking of going back to Dexcom and using an Apple Watch Series 1 with an iPhone SE.

I understand that with the iWatch I currently have to keep the phone with me, but that’s not a big deal.

My endo also said I can print nightscout/Xdrip reports but for any phone support he requires Clarity.

I also have a Dexcom G6 on the way in a few weeks.

I’m torn!

Some questions are:

  1. They sony would be OLD tech and used.
  2. It says its trans reflective. How do you read it (if you can) in the dark with no back light?
  3. They are hard to find at a decent price
  4. Can’t use clarity and Xdrip at the same time

I’ve never really liked Apple, but I hear their health app works much better for diabetics and software works well together.

Why would I want one vs the other if the phone tethering isn’t an issue?
Is Xdrip really that superior?

We just started using one last week. The numbers & symbols light up against a black background when you wake up the watch face, so it is easy to read in the dark.

I don’t know how lucky we were on this, but I found a used one on eBay for $60 including shipping. Maybe there are other similar deals out there?

Are you going to get the Dexcom receiver? We discovered that we can use the receiver and xdip+ on the phone at the same time. Data on the receiver backfills when you come into range, so we have all of my daughter’s data on there even though she’s not carrying it with her. Super easy to upload the data from that to the Dexcom website. Just plug it in with a USB and it does it automatically.

I don’t know how long you can be apart from the receiver and still have it backfill, though. I bet someone else here knows that.

$60 including shipping? Wow! That’s a great price! Haven’t seen one that cheap. What did you use to search for one?

I had to order the receiver, so yeah, maybe I will do that. It is rather large, though, and I hate to tote it back and forth to work. I think the backfill is like 3 hours only though… Anyone?

@bpollina I like xDrip+ for the facility of logging insulin and carbs and the data it gives me. Also for the convenience of the watch and phone being independent. It really doesn’t matter that the SSW3 is old tech, it works just fine for the purpose.

That being said, there are some compelling reasons to use the Dexcom receiver and iPhone. It’s much easier, it gives you convenience of tech that you’re already familiar with, and it hooks up to Clarity, which doctors seem to like.

Frankly, I would recommend you use Dexcom and iPhone with watch integration if you don’t want the watch to be the receiver. Clarity seems to be important to you, and you mentioned that you don’t mind carrying a phone.

With Dexcom, iPhone and iWatch you’re going to spend a lot of money. You do need to use the latest technology because the latest Dexcom capabilities are tied to the latest Apple devices. There will be improvements constantly requiring hardware updates with Dexcom/Apple. They will only incrementally catch up to xDrip, if ever. XDrip software will continue to improve independent of hardware.

Tough decision.

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I think the newer G5 transmitters hold 3 hours of data. Beyond that you get a gap.

ok, so I decided to keep Xdrip+ and and most likely am going to be ordering an SW3 watch, but I can’t find any on Ebay for less than $130+! Any tips or links? $60 would be awesome!

I probably just got incredibly lucky. :frowning:

Just to confirm, this is the right one, right? If so, I’m buying tonight once my paycheck hits at midnight!

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Yes, that’s the one!

Awesome! Got it!

Can anyone point me in the right direction to:

  1. Get it working as the primary with Xdrip on phone as secondary.
  2. Any gotchas with my Dex 6?
  3. Can I do the dex receiver, the phone AND the watch all 3 at the same time?

Thanks everyone

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@bpollina You can have the phone and the watch switch off as collectors based on their proximity to the transmitter, but you can’t have them collecting at the same time.

Look at the thread @sahmcolorado pointed you to. I have all my settings on there to have the watch act as collector. The breadth of xDrip+ is pretty deep, but the basics are pretty easy.

Good luck. Let me know if you have any problem.

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My watch is on the way and should be here tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

@Docslotnick, what’s that link again to set up the watch as collector and switch off?

How do I install the xdrip+ itself on the watch?

Also, is there somewhere to watch the progress of xdrip+ and clarity integration? Need any beta testers?

Using the G6 btw for the past few days btw and absolutely LOVE it! I don’t miss the calibrations one bit! Every time I spot check, it is within tolerance, and I love the lower profile. I put mine on my stomach and since I’m so harry and heard about the adhesion issue, I decided to shave first, alcohol next, then skin tac before applying. Hope that works.


But the basics are real easy. On your phone, go to settings>smartwatch features>Android wear integration. Enable wear integration, check “enable wear collection service”, and if you only want to use the watch as the collector ( not the phone) check “force wear”, and “only use wear”.

When you install Wear on your watch, XDrip+ is automatically installed on your watch with any other wear compatible apps on your phone. Give it half an hour to completely install. Make sure you choose an xDrip watch face. Go to settings on the watch and enable WiFi and location, choose “always on display”, and go to the xDrip+ prefs app to customize.

Give the watch a half hour to show readings and your good to go.

@sahmcolorado and also many people in the Gitter group are using the G6 with xDrip+ and the Dexcom receiver. Her suggestion of using the receiver as a Clarity uploader might work out well for you. Give that a try and see if it will work for you.

You can follow more about Clarity integration on Github.

Also, wait until you have the watch before making the changes on your phone. Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

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Got it! DIdn’ t change the collector yet, but here’s a picture. What does uploader 48% mean?


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@bpollina Congratulations !

“Uploader 48%” refers to your phone battery level. You can change that in “xDrip prefs” on the watch to show watch battery level.

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awesome. thanks. wanted to ask about charging and battery. charged it overnight but when I took it off the charger it was only 88%. Is that normal? The one I bought seems like Verizon refurb with a screen protection cover and in great shape. Just a bit concerned about the battery.

Hmmm… is the 88% your watch battery or the phone battery?

My SW3 battery always charges to 100%. I do notice that sometimes my charging cable does not go in correctly so if I bump the watch overnight the cable can pull out (it looks like it is plugged in but it is not) and it is less than 100% in the morning.

For me, the SW3 battery lasts about 24 hours or more running xdrip+. I keep wifi turned off.

When I first go the watch, it would only last about 14 hours, but with the new xdrip+ OB1 collector the battery life is much improved.

I suggest using OB1 as the collector if you are not already.

Yay! Isn’t it so cool??