xDrip+ with Sony Smartwatch3 (self made CGM)

In the last few weeks I have discovered something new.
Currently I’m following all the News and evolvement of #WeAreNotWaiting.
My current setup is:

Android Smartphone
Freestyle Libre FGM (I don’t have a CGM)
Sony Smartwatch 3 with special Firmware and NFC enabled.
LibreAlarm (scans every 10 minutes and transmitt the data to the smartphone)
xDrip+ (get the data and do the upload to my NightScout Web)
pebble smartwatch
In the next weeks i’ll get the NightRider from Ambrosia Systems (https://www.facebook.com/ambrosiasys/).
This will replace the Sony Smartwatch and the app LibreAlarm and the battery will be better.

This is the best App I ever seen!

I’m able to do calibration
I can see a forcecast of the bg value
visualize BG, Insulin, Carbs
send the data to my pebble smartwatch
my NightScout Web
I use it also ti visualize and collect data.
It has also reports,…

An java based desktop app for analysing data

Later I plann to use AndroidAPS.
Currently my veo is not compatible. If its fault and I’ll get a new one, I’ll take the DANA RS.
Then I’ll be able to run a closed loop…

I am simply loved it:…

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Welcome @jroth Nice to see another xDrip+ user around here.

Question: why would you use a Sony SW3 and a Pebble watch? The SW3 is actually the best collector for xDrip+. I consistently get 95-99% collection rate using the SW3 as my only collector. Of course I’m using a Dexcom G5, but there are ways to get an every five minute Bluetooth signal from the line to the SW3.


The battery of my Sony is not the best.
I use ist with this adapter: https://www.freestylesticker.de/Produkt/freestyle-libre-cgm-sony-smartwatch-adapter-2/
The pebble is my normal watch with a watchface that always shows me my BG.


xDrip/Nightscout is a topic many of us are interested in. May want to use that since it’s more identifiable to searchers than the other terms. I’m still looking for a good guide for xDrip and Azure. I set up xDrip with Heroku and it ended up bugging out too much for me so I uninstalled it.

I spend some days for this.
My first setup was at heroku.
I also serached a long time to secure the site.
Now I have a win10 pc at home and my own server. This setup was easy.

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Nice! If you hardened it of course :slight_smile:

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I searched for AUTH_DEFAULT_ROLES = denied

I also habe a linux machine with a apache reverse proxy for https.
Hardening Win10 is hard. :wink:
The Problem was, that I was not able to setup NightScout at the linux machine because of missing binary refences.
Before that I had it running at a raspberry pi.


Hi, I’m a new FUDIABETES user and it looks like a really great site.

I saw in one of your posts that you have some simple instructions to set up a Sony SmartWatch 3 with a Freestyle Libre so that it can generate alarms.
I’m keen to do this too, so if possible could you let me have a copy or send me a link please?
Many Thanks,
Bryan (UK)


Hi @bryan Welcome to FUD!

Instructions are pretty straight forward.

You first need to get a few things:

A transmitter device for your Libre. Although I use a Dexcom CGM , I have heard good things about the Blucon, found here (with instructions)


Don’t bother with the Blucon app, it doesn’t have alarms and is kind of sketchy. Instead download and install xDrip+ on your Android phone. XDrip+ currently only works on Android phones. You can get the latest version here:


If you go to the settings(Hardware Data Source) you will find one that will allow reception from the Libre Bluetooth.

Once you get readings on your phone the last step is to force the watch to be the collector. In xDrip+ go to settings> smartwatch features> android wear integration and turn on the first slider. Your readings will now be sent to the SW3. Then go to your watch, choose the xDrip+ watchface and you should see your readings.

Now, to make the watch the collector go back to xDrip+ on the phone and the Android Wear settings page you were just on. Tick the two boxes below the slider and in about five minutes your watch will be the collector.

I would strongly encourage you to fully explore all the xDrip+ settings, they are numerous. The alarm settings are there and much more.

Good luck getting this set up!


Welcome @bryan! Feel free to drop by and introduce yourself! Also, if you would like, there are lots of member stories as well as the option for you to share your own Diabetes journey/story with the group.


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Hi Bryan,
you will find this at the Facebook group “freestyle libre freaks” in the

I used the Sony only at the beginning.
Now I am using the blucon nightrider from ambrosia sys.


Hi @docslotnick, Im new as member and new to T1D Im setting Blucon (FreeStyle+Blucon) and xDrip+ app for my daughter, we were using SW3 and Glimp app to upload data to Nightscout. In order to activate NFC I downgraded SW3 to ‘build number LCA43’ version instead of the factory one (SWR50). So far xDrip+ is up and running, working fine while sometimes looses signnal from Blucon and need to be reset.
I’ve set SW3 (xDrip Wear) following the steps that you mention but Im not able to get the BG info in the watchface -the xDrip face is there but data is missing-, I get the High and Low level alarms in SW3, but not chart and neither BG readings or “minutes since last reading…”
I wonder if its due to LCA43 running and not SWR50 version.

Any help on this issue? Thanks a lot

+++ Phone +++
Phone: (Device Name) Huawei P8 Lite 2017
Model Number: PRA-LXI
Android OS version:7.0
Android Wear version:

xDrip+ App version: 20a4313-2017.11.13

+++ Weareble +++
Model: SmartWatch3
Device name: SmartWatch 3 81FC

  • Android Wear:
  • Google Play Services: 7.8.99 (2134222-534)
  • Android OS: 5.1.1

@jmartincab Welcome to FUD!
If you plan on using xDrip+ I would recommend that you flash the watch to SWR50. It sounds pretty unusual to be getting alarms but not data on the watchface.

As far as losing signal from the Blucon is concerned try a couple things.

Make sure that you have not enabled “aggressive service restarts” in less common settings. I read that someone having Libre connection problems discovered that the aggressive restarts bungled everything up with the Blucon.

Also make certain that location is enabled both on the phone and the watch. Many BLE implementations are tied to location.

Let me know how things go!

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If you only want to use the ssw3 for displaying bg data from the phone, you
can run the latest firmware. If you want to use the old firmware, you
should use an old android wear version at the smartphone.
It’s also a good ide to reboot the ssw3 and the phone.

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Hiya, thanks for your rapid reply. I’vegot it working now, does the Smartwatch also do alarms, or do they only comwe from the phone?

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@bryan That’s great!

The Sony SW3 will only vibrate the alarms. Great if on your wrist but kind of hit or miss while charging. You also get notification cards on the watch with the vibration.

My setup is the watch being the collector all the time and my Samsung Note 8 being the sync master. My Samsung tablet is a sync follower, and my wife’s iPad is a Dexcom Share follower.

I charge the watch every night, and use one of the other devices (or all) for alarms while charging.


Hi, just looking for advice on getting xdrip on Sony sw3 using android wear 2.0. Phone is a Samsung S8. Hubby lost all readings (again) for a long period of time. So he ended up deleting and reinstalling app on his phone, then updated software on phone but the apps arent appearing on his phone. So he updated the android wear app. And still nothing is appearing from his phone on his watch now…

Hi @hopadom Was it ever working on the SSW 3? The only way I know of getting that watch to Android Wear 2.0 is to root the watch. As far as I know xDrip+ on a SSW3 with 2.0 does not work. It has to be stock 1.5.


So far I remember, it should run with Android Wear 1.5 at SSW3 and an older Android Wear APP at the Phone. In this case the app is automaticly synced.

If you have upgraded SSW3 to WearOS 2, then you will find the app in the playstore at the Wear.
There are the apps listet, you can download from your phone.

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Hola, yo uso freestyle+miaomiao y quiero configurar un sony smartwatch 3, me podrías ayudar? Da glucemias sin necesidad de teléfono movil?