Getting my head around with xdrip+, smartwatch and Dexcom g5

Hi everyone,

Trying to help my GF to get setup with a smartwatch and xdrip+. Few questions though.

She’s got an android phone and using the Dexcom application at the moment.

1* When installing xdrip+ you have to stop using the Dexcom app. Can you still send the data to the Clarity app to get the reports?

2* Smartwatch:
Which smarwatch to choose? Ideally one that can collect the data while not in range with the phone, she often loses connections at home because the phone is in different rooms. Does the watch have a maximum amount of time it can log the data without connecting back to the phone?

3* Can you share your BG with someone else with xdrip+?


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Yes - There are a few options for data reporting. You can upload to to the Dexcom Share Server as well as Tidepool and Nighscout.

I upload to https://www.tidepool.org/ and use it to produce reports for my doctor (I can also upload pump data etc. if I want to). All of the data in xdrip (carbs, BG tests, insulin) shows up in tidepool.

I used a Sony Smartwatch 3. It is no longer produced but you can get old ones. I have no idea how long it can log data but I have gone for a couple of days on a camping trip just using the watch and when I when I turned my phone back on it uploaded the data to the phone no problem.

The Sony SW3 works with the G6 right outof the box. Other android watches need patches for them to work. Here is a list

Yes - There are a few ways. Nightscout and xdrip follow are the two I have used. Nightscout is a bit of an effort to set-up.

xdrip follow is great and easy to use. My wife follows my son with this app. you can enter treatments on the follower’s phone and set-up your own alarms. As long as both phones have an internet connection they will talk to each other.


Huawei watch 2 and Ticwatch Pro 4g also work out of the box


Good to know if my Sony every dies :slight_smile:

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