Standalone watch with android and iphone

Good afternoon. I’ll try to do a short question with a long explanation as to why.
Q: can a watch be used as a standalone cgm monitoring device? Can I blend android and iphone to make this happen?

I work as an ER tech in a Level 2 trauma center and currently training for trauma. With all of the current PPE needs and then to ad lead onto by body, my accessibility to my pockets and waist band are minimal at best when patients are around.

I currently use a tslim and Iphone. As I would like to get back to being VERY athletic, I hate the idea of carrying my phone with me, and my pump. I see the sony smartwatch 3 was able to be used with an android platform and signal from the dexcom transmitter were received on the watch, and then uploaded to the phone.

SOOOO. Could I do the following: Use the tslim, use the sony smartwatch3 (linking through an android phone which would share the dexcom info with my iphone and my wifes iphone)?

Please help a former athlete who needs to blow off some covid stress.

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If you search Blue Jay you will find some discussions that may help.

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