Dexcom Share Android App?

I heard a rumor on another social media site that someone was actually using the Android Dexcom Share app – but the details were fuzzy. Can anyone with an Android phone confirm that this is available for purchase now?


So I found this: Does anyone have one of the Android devices listed below who would be willing to try downloading the app to see how it works?

That has been available for a long time.

The app that is new is the Android app that allows direct connection to the transmitter.

The Android share app works fine - no issues. Very convenient. However which app are you asking on? The app to connect direct to the transmitter via BlueTooth within 20 feet or the app that allows remote monitoring of the Dexcom from anywhere.

no, I specifically mean the app that allows you to directly pair with the transmitter. As far as I can tell it’s now available for select Android devices.
The one that allows you to see someone else’s BG is called Follow.

Yeah so you are asking about the app:
Dexcom G5 Mobile App
Which was just released for select Android devices - maybe a week ago or so. Been available on the iPhone obviously. Have you used this on the iPhone at all?

Dexcom G5 Mobile App
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android 5.0.0-6.0.1), Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Android 5.1.1-7.0.0), Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 5.0.2-7.0.0), Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Android 5.0.2-6.0.1), Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 6.0.1-7.0.0), Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Android 6.0.1-7.0.0); LG G4 (Android 5.1.1-6.0.0), LG G5 (Android 6.0.1-7.0.0); Motorola Nexus 6 (Android 5.0.0-7.0.0)

I cannot get it on my old Nexus 5 – the OS is too old obviously. I will test a couple of Motorola phones to see if I can get it on any. It is possible that it may not be tested on some platforms but available anyway (true for the Follow).

I have an iPhone for our son and use it for him. But it would be nice if we could switch to Android to have capabilities like xdrip+ and Night Watch

@TiaG I was able to look at Google play on the web ( if you search the googly play app on your phone they don’t show apps that are not compatible with your phone) and see screenshots of the Android G5 app.

After looking at my Dexcom readings with xDrip+ for several months now I have absolutely no interest in the Dexcom app. There is no contest between the Dexcom app and xDrip+ powered by the Dexcom sensor and transmitter.

P. S. I’m on day 119 with my G5 transmitter, and the voltage and resistance levels are still in the excellent range.

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