FDA approves Android Devices for Dexcom G5




@Bradford That is awesome! But…

They are still a bit behind the curve if the Android app is anything like the iOS one.

XDrip is still miles ahead in functionality and reporting, and if Glooko will be able to read in real time, why would anyone use the Dexcom app?

Good point. I’m thinking that it will be easier for those that don’t want a DIY system. I will admit, I ended up buying an iPhone as the up-loader because I saw all of the people having problems with capture rates with xdrip. Especially after a phone update. Peace of mind just knowing that it would work is a big selling point.


@Bradford You’re absolutely right. XDrip requires the right phone or watch to work properly. I can’t get readings using my phone (Note 4) as the receiver, so I use a Sony Smart Watch 3. Any other smart watch can be problematic, but I’ve gotten a 97% average capture rate the last three or four months I’ve been using it.

But I’m excited about the direct read capabilities that Glooko will evidently have.

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Does this include Share also? Can an Android share Dex readings with an iPhone and vice versa? Or is that a bit further down the road?

I did too.