Replacing Dexcom receiver with iOS or Android App

Do they also replace Receiver batteries? I just got back from a business trip and the readings were way off for the entire week and I kept getting ??? I stopped sensor and went to turn it off since it was late and was going to put a new sensor in the next morning and then the Receiver gives me a an error call tech support message

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I uploaded a picture of the error message but it’s not showing up =(

I cannot afford to buy an $1,100+ receiver right now.

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@John_T1D If you have an iPhone or one of many Android phones you really don’t need a Dexcom receiver.
For the iPhone just download the Dexcom mobile app from the App Store.

If you are on Android search for the Dexcom G5 mobile app on the Play Store. It will come up if your phone is compatible. If not compatible try the ported Dexcom app referenced in this thread :

Or, better yet, you can look at this as an opportunity to start using xDrip+ :blush:

And Welcome to FUD!


Thank you @docslotnick and sorry for the late reply, I’m not used to this app yet… I do use the Android app and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. I loved xDrip but not being able to share the data made me stop using it. I couldn’t figure out how to set up Nightscout, I’m not a coder or really techy person so I got to step 2 or 3 and gave up because I had no idea what they were telling me to do for the next step.

When I had the transmitter i would just hand it to the nurse and they downloaded the data.

I already track everything, finger tests, meals (BG, carbs, insulin intake etc.) on DiabetesM and print out the reports before my quarterly appointment and I wound up printing Dexcom clarity summaries for last apt.

I’m going to be on Omni Pods starting Monday of next week but just read a thread about it and already second guessing my decision.

@John_T1D I just show the history graphs and print out the statistics from my phone for each endo appointment. Statistics shows basically the same thing as Clarity.

But I do agree with you, it is harder to share information with xDrip.

@docslotnick that must be a newer version of xDrip because the original beta version I ran did not have history graphs and the data export came out as in excel but just numbers down 1 column, I tried sorting it but wow… It’s weird but with the Dexcom app I cannot screen shot it but xDrip I could. The Dexcom app comes up with a message “for security screen shot is not available” that’s a bit annoying.

Are you able to project/mirror/cast your phone display onto a computer monitor?

@John_T1D if are using android, you can screenshot the G5 app using volume down and power buttons concurrently.

@Thomas I’m not a sure. I’m can wirelessly view photos from my phone on my TV but I’m not sure about the computer, I will try.

@elver on most apps I can screen shot but for some reason I get a security message when I try to screen shot the Dexcom app. It’s the strangest thing because I can screen shoot this conversation but it won’t let me do my graph?

@John_T1D that sounds like a permissions issue. Might look at the G5 app settings and verify it has camera permissions. Settings>Apps>G5>double tap on permissions & make selections. It might also be a permissions issue with any virus software (if any) that might be running in the background.

From some quick reading, it sounds like this is a standard feature which Android apps are allowed to implement. (ie - optional with control being the app developer/distributor.) Situations such as banking apps may be the more typical application to prevent sensitive information from being distributed. (And where the user is potentially NOT provided an override. Without root access. Which is pretty far off-topic. I think. lol)

That being said, I don’t know why Dexcom would implement this feature nor why it would not appear to be an issue for @elver but does appear to be an issue for @John_T1D. The first obvious thing that comes to mind is versioning difference either on the Dexcom App or the underlying OS.

Not like I understand what all the cool kids are doing currently but I hear things about this “snapchat” application which supposedly does not let you save pictures so maybe it is using the same underlying options? (Not that I don’t suppose for a second somebody somewhere didn’t come out with a hack pretty darn quick so as to allow all those pictures to be saved and resent/forwarded months/years later. Trying to count my negatives in that sentence - might have overdone it. Gotta find the grammar expert.)

@Thomas it’s not a root issue as I am completely stock on this unit. It might as you suggest be a version problem (Android version vs Dexcom app version). I know I regularly change app permissions after install to limit access within my phone

That sounded like the fix, went to settings and camera wasn’t checked so I checked it and nothing. Got to find time to call Dexcom about this.

@John_T1D very odd… Hope Dexcom hasn’t enabled a security flag on the app for some reason. That is generally a move that banks and other finance apps do. I would be curious to hear what solution if any you run across.

Yeah - that was exactly what I was thinking.

@Thomas so if they have, you could always use the “official” G5 app that was a hacked German version. The only difference between that and the play store edition is that the play store permissions check has been bypassed. Otherwise it is the exact same app

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Where would I find the non play store version of the G5 app?

@John_T1D…the app can be found on Reddit. Make sure you have enabled in the settings menu of your phone “download from unknown sources”, and use the US stable version.

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Thank you!!! Next Sensor change I’m going to try it. It still connects with Clarity, right? If not I may as well use XDrip again, I loved that app but couldn’t share any data.

@John_T1D, most welcome! In the settings you can enter your Dexcom credentials so XDrip will upload to the Dexcom servers if desired. Clarity reports all pull data from the Dexcom server. I have my wife and a co-worker set up as a “follow” share for the days I have unexpected sudden lows.

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