Galaxy S9+ apps

Currently have a Dexcom G5, and will be upgrading to a G6 next month. I have always used the standard Dexcom app, because I was none the wiser until stumbling on this site.

It doesnt seem I have many options when it comes to apps. I havent been able to find an app list that is linked to phones. A simple search in the Google Play shows Glimp as the clear choice, but I havent seen a great thread detailing this. Xdrip+ Seems like it gets the most praise (With some negatives, like most things) here but is unavailable for my phone.

Any directions would be helpful. Sorry if this has been discussed.

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@Woody XDrip+ should work well with your phone, it just needs to be sideloaded. Just allow “install from unknown sources” on your phone and download the app from here:

There was some problem with it working with Samsung’s BLE implementation, but I think that’s been fixed.

@Woody, we definitely don’t have enough traffic to be worried about whether something has already been discussed. Ask away!

Everything is downloaded and running. I am about to change my sensor and use Xdrip, but I had a question before I dove all the way in.

Can I use the Dexcom App and Xdrip at the same time?

@Woody People using the DexG6 have had luck doing that. But I think the basis for connectivity problems is the two competing for BLE signal.

A lot has to do with the phone and watch combination you are using. The best advice I can give you is to try connecting both, and if you have problems with xDrip+ connection disconnect the Dexcom app.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!