Starting off with Dexcom G6 and xDrip+

I’m about to switch from the Libre to Dexcom G6 (I have a “trial” pack). Can I ask a few very basic questions before I do so (I’m sure that they have been covered before):

  1. Can I run the Dexcom app on my iPhone and xDrip+ on an Android phone simultaneously? [Whether there is any point is of course another question, but I am currently juggling 2 phones…!]
  2. Is it a good idea to “Start” the new transmitter with one or the other? I assume start with the iPhone app?
  3. I am hoping to use xDrip+ with a Sony SmartWatch3. Does the SW3 connect to the Android phone by WiFi or Bluetooth? Wondering 'cos the watch keeps turning off Wifi when it is at about 50% of power to “save energy”.
  4. Is there any way of automating the xDrip+ nightly updates, or do I need to just keep an eye out and manually download?

There may be many more questions to follow! Thanks in advance.


Hi @act

  1. With the G6 that should be possible, but I don’t know why you’d do that.

  2. Do it simultaneously. Should work.

  3. The SW3 connects to the phone via an internet connection. Android Wear really screwed us with their Wi-Fi power saver, but you can disable it on your watch. Settings>Wi-Fi>advanced>power saver Never.

  4. Yes, you can join the “alpha channel” in the xdrip+ app. Or get nightly updates. Settings>xDrip+ update settings> choose what you like.

Feel free to ask away!

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However…started the sensor with the Dexcom G6 app on iPhone, but then turned on xDrip before the Dexcom app “found” the sensor. The Dexcom app then never found the sensor, and xDrip isn’t giving me any BG readings 12 h later. I assume that this is a problem with “competing” Bluetooth devices (have read this elsewhere), so have deleted Dexcom app from the iPhone and turned its Bluetooth off.

xDrip now tells me: “G6 State isn’t currently known. Next connection will update this” but nothing seems to be happening.

Thought I would ask for some advice before I start playing again!

Should I just leave well alone and hope xDrip connects at some point today? Or try restarting the transmitter? Or something else?

Thanks in advance,


@acf You should probably start the G6 over again in xDrip+, this time with the Dexcom app offline. When you get xDrip+ running correctly try the Dexcom app again.

Be sure to start xDrip+ with the Source Wizard. Long press the xDrip+ icon on the home screen and you’ll get that option.

Good luck!

There is a theory that the nightly updates sometimes have bugs that then need to be corrected later some affect some phones and not others. If you have an unstable bluetooth connection the advice is often given to try a different nightly update. Various ones are recomended like the 13th March was a favourite some months back.

In view of this I only occasionally go for a new nightly update and would not want to have them uploaded automatically.

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All worked perfectly once I’d got rid of the Dexcom App on the iPhone - obviously the issue was too many devices trying to connect to the G6 transmitter. xDrip+ is great!

One more question though - when I reach the "end " of the 10-day G6 sensor period will xDrip warn/tell me? I have “restart sensor” and “preemptive restarts” checked - will these force the G6 to keep going? Assume I can then keep using it until it falls off/gets too inaccurate/etc?



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@acf That’s great you got it going!

As far as the sensor restart is concerned, I think it restarts the sensor after day 6 and then you have to manually calibrate it. I don’t think there’s any user intervention beyond reminding you to calibrate.

This is what I’ve read. I do not yet have any experience with the G6, so I’ll have a lot of questions for you in a few months when I switch.

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“Be sure to start xDrip+ with the Source Wizard. Long press the xDrip+ icon on the home screen and you’ll get that option.”

Is this necessary? It doesn’t work on my Samsung S6 - it only will open the normal way (a single short press). With a long press I see no option to open it, only arrangement options.

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