New to all of this. Looking for some guidance on xDrip

Hi there,

I am reaching out to get a few questions answered and hopefully get an instruction link to a step by step xdrip set up thread.

Question 1)
We are currently set up with Dexcom G6 through the cell phone but want to switch to xDrip.
Does xDrip work better then the Dexcom App? We have been plagued with continuous sensor fails and errors and we have yet to come across any reasoning for them to act up.

Question 2)
Do we have to wait for this sensor and/or transmitter to expire and then link the new sensor/transmitter to xDrip? or can we make the switch on the fly (during a cycle)?

Question 3)
The end result that I am looking to accomplish just because our son has the attention span of a goldfish. The plan is to set up his BG readings to a Phillips Hue bulb and have the bulb change colours for certain BG levels and other reminders.

I appreciate the time taken to read my thread. If anyone could chime in, that would be awesome and hopefully we can figure this out.

Also, if there is a step by step instruction out there for set up that would be great.

The Dalys

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Hi @DalyDiabetes
Welcome to FUD!

I will tag Doc and Harold on this, because those guys are supreme Jedi Masters on xDrip stuff!



I tried Xdrip about a week ago and was looking for information on setting up Xdrip and then maneuvering the settings. But it is much easier than I thought, Docsslotnick is a guru on Xdrip and has helped me immensely after I got it set u.

I tried to give step by step instructions in my posts after I was set up a few days ago. I have a couple of comments to your items and then a general comment.

Item 1 of your post.
Your readings can be either Dexcom readings or Xdrip readings. If you want Dexcom readings just click Native otherwise don’t check. Both use Dexcom raw data and then use slightly different algorithms to adjust it and give you their readings. I am currently doing a test on which is more accurate to my Contour Next meter. A little bit early to provide my conclusions.

One day my Dexcom G5 was down for about an hour but Xdrip on my phone was giving me readings. I don’t get many sensor failures with my G5 but have no idea if they are more common on the G6.

  1. You can link it as soon as you are up and running in terms of both the sensor and transmitter. It is so much easier than I thought but you are still bound to have questions after you are up and running.

Generally, I find the most important features on Xdrip are that my G5 sensors will last as long as I decide they are still accurate. Once you start them you do not have to restart them. Think this is also true on the G6. And you can reset the G5 transmitter as it approaches 112 days and it resets to zero so the transmitter can last longer. I believe the G6 is not quite so friendly so it is better to hear from Doc and others that have a G6.

You can speak to Xdrip and it can speak to you. I have it tell me what my BG is when I am home. I no longer bother with my watch as it is better informing me than having to look at my watch every one in a while. I think all the other features are enhanced and improved as well.

Good luck and let me know if I can help.

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Doc is the xdrip Jedi. I’m more like Yoda - Gave it up, i did. Too many errors and issues, there were.


Thanks, we will wait for the Doc.

I just set ourselves up with a NightScout app which was fairly easy with the help of YouTube.

I think the answer is no: xDrip+ does not work better than the Dexcom app, or receiver, because a sensor fail happens within the sensor/transmitter that are glued to your son. The other end can’t help.

My initial experience with the G6 mirrors yours; that the Dexcom receiver was somewhat sensitive, but that was the initial experience. I really can’t say it is true.

You can link xDrip+ to a running transmitter; you need the transmitter code, which is printed on on the box, that’s all. xDrip+ will find it and report the same stuff as the Dexcom receiver.

Yeah, it’s the data, and for sure Dexcom aren’t giving it to us in an accessible form. My understanding is that “Dexcom share” can provide the data to other apps but this is way beyond me. Others may have more insight.

Hi @DalyDiabetes Welcome to FUD. As you’ve already seen there are a lot of people willing to help here!

In answer to your questions:

  1. as @jbowler already said, no, xDrip+ does not work any better or worse than the Dexcom app. However, there is a lot more function in xDrip+

  2. You can start xDrip+ on the fly and even simultaneously with a receiver, but not with another phone or, heaven forbid, both apps on the same phone.

  3. What a great idea! You can hook IFTTT to Nightscout and accomplish this. Some instructions can be found here

Good luck on this project! Let us know how it works out.

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