New Dexcom G6 user -- can someone define exactly what xDrip+ does?


I see a lot of talk about xDrip+ here (I’m on Android) but can’t seem to find a very clear, exact description of precisely what it is and why I would want it. It looks like it does some cool things but I’m not really clear.

Can someone explain it very clearly to someone who has no idea what it is? I’m very tech-savvy, just don’t know anything about xDrip+.




It is replacement software for the Dexcom supplied software. It allows you to customize many more things such as what data you see, how that data is processed, and it allows you to ignore things like the programmed end date for the Dexcom hardware without going through Faraday cage gymnastics to extend the life of a sensor. It also allows you to extend the life of the transmitters.



Ah, awesome, thanks. I’d like to try it. Does it also enable you to not have the Urgent Low sound happen when the phone is muted? That would be amazing – it’s the worst thing about the G6 for me at this point (I’m only a week in).

Total newbie here: Is there a step-by-step guide for how I can install it?



Never mind, found it.



I am honestly not sure. @docslotnick is our resident expert. Here is a link to one of his posts where he talks about installing it.



Thank you – just started the calibration process. Man, this app is years and years ahead of the bare bones Dexcom one - so good!

I wonder what’s stopping Dexcom from making their app as deep and customizable as xDrip+? No matter – we have xDrip+. :slight_smile:

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I believe what is stopping them has three letters…give me an F, a D, and an A.



Probably true. :-/

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