General information about xdrip for Dexcom G6

Hello. Recently I’ve read many recommendations on the web about the xdrip app, and so I want to try it with my next sensor instead of the G6 app (which sometimes does what it wants instead of what it should). I have some questions that I’d be glad to find the answers to before starting using xdrip.

  1. Does xdrip allow calibration for dexcom g6, as does the dexcom app?
  2. Do I have to uninstall the dexcom app before running a new sensor with xdrip, and if not then how do I prevent them from quarrelling with each other?
  3. Will I be able to use the next sensor with the same transmitter on dexcom app again?
  4. Does entering insuling dosing data to the app affect prediction accuracy?
    I’ll be really glad if someone who knows the answers to those questions responds soon. If I’m not mistaking, @docslotnick should be the expert here for xdrip business. And could you please add an up to date link to the app downloading page?

What do you mean by above?

XDrip basically reads data from the G6 transmitter, getting the same bg reading and other info that dexcom app does.

I like xDrip because the graphical display is much better, and options to see history, averages, estimated A1C are helpful.

You can also enter food/insulin or other notes to notate on the gragh display.

In the past, there was additional functionally when xDrip read “raw” data from transmitter, but dexcom made changes to transmitter to prevent that.

I don’t use follow, but think xdrip settings allow that, so you might be able to have follow app on your phone, and also have xDrip.

The biggest advantage for me is having xDrip send data to my fitbit ionic watch.


  1. Not sure, I calibrate from Tandem pump.
  2. If you put bogus transmitter id in dexcom app, that may eliminate conflict.
  3. I think so, just put the phoney trans id in xDrip.
  4. Don’t know. (I use Tandem pump which does do prediction although not sure if that is data from transmitter vs calculated by pump)

Hopefully others will have more answers.


I meant that the app software has a good deal of bugs, it occasionally beeps when I told it to vibrate and vibrates when I told it to beep and repeats when I told it never to repeat. I think dexcom should’ve worked more on this app.
Thanks for replying, hope someone else here has more answers.

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Agree 100% xdrip breaks the data down better than the dexcom app.

You can not run both on your phone. I do not use the app or receiver at all. I run xdrip and am playing around with nights out and AAPS. Waiting on my orangelink to arrive to start looping.


I used to use xDrip+ as a collector but I switched to DIY Loop on the iPhone. I still used xDrip+ on my Android for the graphical, historical and other great options as mentioned by @MM2. I do not use it as a collector anymore.

However, I will answer your question from when I did use it for G6 as collector (nearly 2 years ago):

  1. Yes, xDrip+ does support callibration for G6
  2. Yes, I believe you will need to uninstall the Dex app before using xDrip+
  3. Yes, I believe so.
  4. Insulin dosing to the xDrip+ app? Yes, it would effect the xDrip+ prediction accuracy. xDrip+ predictions work pretty well.

xDrip+ releases

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Thank you very much!