Xdrip went stop calibrating

Hello again excellent community! My xdrip app keeps don’t a weird thing: I have a g6 sensor, and even though I put it in weeks ago, since yesterday xdrip has told me I need to calibrate my g5 (even though it’s a 6) every five minutes. Even when I enter a new calibration number, even when I quit and switch to the dexcom app and calibrate, even when I force quit the app (it opens itself back up again and overrides user of the dexcom app). It recognizes every calibration I put in as a real calibration (I can look at the calibration history screen and they’re all there). Any idea how to make it stop? Using Android q on a pixel 4.

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@jredel First, it sounds like you’re using the Dexcom app and xDrip+ on the same phone. That is just asking for trouble. You should not do this.

Next, do you have “I am using G6” checked in Settings>G5/G6 Debug? Also, if you are using “native mode” the calibration request is coming from the transmitter, not xDrip+. So your problem may have something to do with the Dexcom app.

When you take the Dexcom app off of your phone ( not just close it, but delete it), and you still want Dexcom for Clarity or something else Dexcom specific, use a Dexcom receiver. If you are using “native mode” in xDrip+ then just calibrate the receiver when and if it asks. The calibration will be transferred to xDrip+ by the transmitter.

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Thanks a lot! Yeah, I have both apps on my phone because sometimes xDrip+ just stops receiving data and the Dexcom app works fine. So I switch for a bit to make sure the transmitter is stable and then switch back. Plus, the xDrip+ watch app is off by ~1.5 minutes on the time, and that’s rough during the workday.

I do have “I am using G6” checked. I’m not sure whether I’m using native mode…

@jredel I would recommend deleting the Dexcom app. And on the same page in settings where that is, towards the top, should be the checkbox for native mode. The G6 actually works better in native mode. Check OB1 collector and native algorithm. This setup gives control of the readings and calibrations to the transmitter, so you get the same readings you would get in the Dexcom app.

Of course the other alternative is to keep the Dexcom app and delete xDrip+. But I think xDrip+ is light years more advanced.:blush:

Ah ok yes I have that on. I’ll figure something out; I don’t think deleting the dexcom app will help me at times when xdrip+ stops receiving data but the dexcom app manages to get it (after I’ve reopened it). I wonder if the physical receiver still wants a calibration even if the dexcom app on my phone doesn’t, and that that is what is causing this.

@jredel You will definitely, unequivocally run into problems with the Dexcom app and xDrip+ installed on the same phone. I would say that the problems you are having are all related to them being installedsimultaneously on the same phone. I don’t know how else to tell you, you will run into problems having both the Dexcom app and xDrip+ installed on the same phone. It’s no wonder that sometimes xDrip+ loses connection.

With the G6 the calibration call is coming from the transmitter, and that is only after the initial 10 days.

Ok, got the message. Uninstalled. Let’s see how it goes! There one thing I’ll miss is the 5 minute calibration time (I used a mildly hacked version of the dexcom app).

@jredel Great! If you need any troubleshooting help just let me know.

You may not immediately get 100% collection, but give it a few days. It will get there.