How to get xdrip and g6 dexcom apps to play nice?

I just started xdrip about 15 minutes ago. @docslotnick I have the g6 app (actually the hacked version that calibrates in 5 minutes) and xdrip running at the same time. Xdrip hadn’t gotten an update in 12 minutes and now says signal missed. It is not possible to run both apps? If not, is there a way to get my bg showing on my phone drop down menu like the g6 app does? Can xdrip send data to clarity? I just don’t want to lose the functionality.

Looking through the threads, you seem to be the expert. If there’s another person I should ping please let me know! Thanks for all your help.

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Unfortunately, @jredel, you cannot run both apps on the same phone :frowning: And xdrip cannot send data to Clarity at this time—although it will sync to Tidepool. I am sure that @docslotnick can you give you further advice.

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@jredel Hi! Welcome to FUD!

@Michel is correct. You can’t run the Dexcom app (or hacked version) and xDrip+ at the same time on the same phone. XDrip+ also doesn’t currently upload to Clarity.

You can run xDrip+ on the phone and use a Dexcom receiver to accomplish what you want.

Another option is to run xDrip+ in native mode so you get the exact same information as the receiver. Then upload it to tidepool, which has much the same display as Clarity and can be shared in real time with your physician.

I would bet Dexcom will finally allow upload to Clarity in the near future. It is one of the most requested features in xDrip+, but Dexcom has Clarity locked down pretty tight now.


Thanks so much to both of you! I’ve never used Tidepool and I’d like to try one new massive change at a time, so I’ll stick to xdrip for now and get tidepool in a few days or something.

How would I run in native mode? I don’t see it in settings explicitly.

I love the watch face, but don’t know what two of the items on it mean (nor how to change to non-military time). Sorry to go mildly off-topic, but do you know where i go to find this kind of info?

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Actually I figured out that I’m already running natively by running the app; my receiver seems to work at the same time :). I should have known!

@jredel On the watch, go to xdrip prefs ( its an app on the watch) to set the time format. Glad you got it all working!

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Cool, thanks! Would never have found that. Do you know what uploader % and the number under the arrow (right now, +3mg/do with a flat arrow) mean? I thought the later was changed from last reading, but that doesn’t quite seem to be it.

Watch documentation:

We should warn users, though, that this documentation is not necessarily kept up to date with the latest releases that are running, not even with the latest Beta release. So there are options that exist on the Phone and Watch settings pages that are not documented, and options that are documented that do not appear in the Phone and Watch settings pages. I think it is fair to say that the most important settings required to get xDrip+ running well are documented.


@jag1 I think that may be the reason why a lot of people find xdrip+ so difficult. It is a constantly evolving app that is impossible it seems to keep well documented.


I’m already confused again, actually. In the instructions it says that my watch will connect to the Bluetooth Transmitter when my phone is disconnected (without needing to use the Force functionality), but every time i leave my phone in another room my watch just shows the old value with a strikethrough. Any idea how to get it to connect directly to my transmitter without forcing constant connection (which would drain battery)?

@jredel Make sure you have “enable wear collection service” checked and “Android Wear Integration” enabled in settings>smartwatch features>android wear integration. It may take 15 minutes for the switchover to occur. In any event, it is not instantaneous.

Also, if you force wear it doesn’t wear the battery too badly. I only recharge overnight after a full day’s use.

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Yup that’s been on this whole time. And yeah my watch had a particularly finicky battery as it was a text watch at Google.

Also, it seems like my sensor just stopped and there’s no way to get it to continue past the normal cutoff. It’s surprising, both because there was no warning and because I thought i could extend it with xdrip.

Thanks so much for your help so far!

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*test watch

Hm I found the setting that means that when the Sensor ends it restarts and the one that instead of stopping the Sensor I can erase calibration data and start over, but not one that lets me keep the Sensor going after it’s been stopped as far as I can tell. Notably though, xdrip says that it’s not even getting a signal anymore (even though my receiver just says that the Sensor is stopped; the transmitter is not dead).

@jredel You’ll find all kinds of little nuggets if you look through the settings.

Settings>g5/g6 debug> preemptive restarts and restart sensor…

A major change in G6 is that the controls are in the transnsmitter.

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Ha! Thanks a ton. I wouldn’t call this an intuitive UI… But also, those are the settings I was talking about. They work for the next sensor but not the current one if it already expired. That’s what I was trying to triage.

What does it mean that controls are in the transmitter?

Still can’t get my watch to pair when the phone is out of range. Sad times. Thanks again for all your help!

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@jredel In the G5, the controls for the timout for a sensor and transmitter were in the app or receiver. Hence, it was no big deal for xdrip+ to extend the lives of the trsnsmitter and sensor.

But in the G6 that control is in the transmitter. So the developer of xdrip+ had to figure out how to actively circumvent that control.

Did you make sure to check your settings>smartwatch settings>android wear integration are correct? (Enable wear collection service). You should also check xdrip prefs on the watch (enable collector).

Hmmm here’s the phone

And here’s the watch: oh damn I can’t upload but it says (checked) enable connector comment to bt when phone is out of range

@jredel It looks like things are set correctly. Did you enable location on the watch? Also always on and WiFi must be enabled. Other than that, check your watch connection in Wear.

BTW, to upload a watch screen shot just go to the three do menu in Wear. It allows you to share a screenshot.

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