How to get xdrip and g6 dexcom apps to play nice?



Interesting… Does WiFi have to be connected to a network? screen screen-1


No. On many phones location and LEBluetooth work together. And I keep wifi connected regardless.


Gotcha. So it sounds like it’s an unsolveable bug. Thanks anyhow!


@jredel I just saw something in your screenshots. There is no device listed that is running your collection service. It should either show your phone or your watch.

Just a longshot, but when the SSW3 connects to a bluetooth device, it asks for permission to bond. Did you give that permission? If not, go to settings>Bluetooth>devices on your watch and try connecting to the watch one time. After permission is given it won’t ask again.


Interestingly, the dexcom device isn’t listed (though it is connected to my phone). Even weirder, yesterday I was away from phone for about 20 min and saw that permission request pop up on my watch. I got the checkmark and the watch connected, until I got back to my phone. Then the permission dialog never showed up again and the watch never connected again (even after being away from phone 30 min)


@jredel, really weird.

And you are sure you are running latest, not an old version?


@jredel You may have to go into Bluetooth settings on the watch and connect again. I don’t know why it won’t reconnect automatically, but it sounds like a bug in your device.