How to get xdrip and g6 dexcom apps to play nice?


Interesting… Does WiFi have to be connected to a network? screen screen-1


No. On many phones location and LEBluetooth work together. And I keep wifi connected regardless.


Gotcha. So it sounds like it’s an unsolveable bug. Thanks anyhow!


@jredel I just saw something in your screenshots. There is no device listed that is running your collection service. It should either show your phone or your watch.

Just a longshot, but when the SSW3 connects to a bluetooth device, it asks for permission to bond. Did you give that permission? If not, go to settings>Bluetooth>devices on your watch and try connecting to the watch one time. After permission is given it won’t ask again.

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Interestingly, the dexcom device isn’t listed (though it is connected to my phone). Even weirder, yesterday I was away from phone for about 20 min and saw that permission request pop up on my watch. I got the checkmark and the watch connected, until I got back to my phone. Then the permission dialog never showed up again and the watch never connected again (even after being away from phone 30 min)

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@jredel, really weird.

And you are sure you are running latest, not an old version?


@jredel You may have to go into Bluetooth settings on the watch and connect again. I don’t know why it won’t reconnect automatically, but it sounds like a bug in your device.


I am currently using G6 with xDrip and also using G6 Receiver. Both are showing same value. (Sometimes different arrows).
Per above, seems this is in native mode. What/how to change to not be native, so I can see difference?.

I had a hacked G6 app on phone, but just removed it. Not using a smartwatch (yet).


@MM2 Just go into G5/G6 debug settings and uncheck “Native algorithm”. Leave “use OB1 collector” checked. Or if you really want to go all the way back, uncheck it (not recommended)

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Xdrip+ and g6

Thanks ! I was thinking native = xdrip.

Left OB1 checked. 4 readings so far, still identical (phone and recvr) slightly decreasing. (92, 89, 86, 85).
Sensor on day 9, did a restart about 5 hours ago.
Will have to eat some carbs to get some movement.