Upload data from xDrip doesn't seem to be in the Dexcom database

It looks like the data from my G6 stopped going to Dexcom the day I switched to xDrip+. I had uploads enabled from the start and have my exact username and password for Dexcom set (I made sure a few times when I first set it up).

I see no data from xDrip+ on Clarity, only from when I was using the Dexcom app, which I wish I had checked earlier because it’s crucial info to get for a new doctor I started seeing who got me on the G6.


As long as you are running your Dexcom app on your phone, the data will show on Clarity. But, if you are not running the Dexcom app, then the Dexcom server cannot get the data, since the server is getting the data from a backhaul from your phone app.

However, even with the Dexcom app running, Clarity data is delayed at least by 3 hours + periodic updates. So it is always at least 3 hours behind real time.

XDrip+ doesn’t support uploads to Dexcom Clarity for G5 or G6. Upload support is only supported for G4 Share.


Ah, didn’t realize that. So where does the data from xDrip+ show up when it uploads to Dexcom?

And do users here prefer Nightscout or Tidepool as an alternative to Clarity? I need to be able to share it with my doctor – she could just log in to my account ideally.

You said a couple weeks ago that you had xDrip+ set up to Dexcom? If so, then you probably have it connected to Dexcom Share, and not Dexcom Clarity. So your data should be visible however Dexcom Share data is viewed (sorry, can’t be specific since I don’t use it myself).

I decided to go with Tidepool since it seemed easier to set up and since I don’t have any followers so no need to share the data. If you want real-time followers to see your data, then I think Nightscout (or Dexcom Share?) is a better choice.

Support for Dexcom Clarity will probably be added to xDrip+ at some point, just not there now.


Thank you for this info. I don’t need any real-time followers so Tidepool should be perfect. Does xDrip+ upload to this automatically as well?


@Headlands XDrip is fully supported in tidepool

@Headlands xDrip+ for G6 does not upload any data to Dexcom even if you have the Dexcom server configured in the xDrip+ Settings - Cloud Upload - Dexcom Share Server Upload.

Yes, use xDrip+ Settings - Cloud Upload - Tidepool to enter your Tidepool credentials. Once done, it will take a bit of time to upload your backfill data to the https://app.tidepool.org site. But you should be all set. It currently uploads data about every 20 minutes.

You could also use NightScout as an alternative. I use both :):thinking:


My daughter is an IT specialist. She set my Note 9 to share with Dexcom and I get Clarity reports on another phone. Couldn’t tell you how she did but it is possible.

Hi @Patricia Do you mean that you are getting data from xDrip+ to upload to Dexcom servers so that you can see it in your Clarity app on another phone?

If that is what she accomplished I would like to ask her how she did that.

My daughter is at an IT security conference this week. She set it up last February. When she gets back she’ll check it out.