How to get xdrip+ to upload to Dexcom Server

I am new to xdrip+ on my Samsung s10+ after using Dexcom G5 for a long time, and I have been able to figure out almost all of the features of xdrip+. However, I want the data to be uploaded to my Dexcom account, and in spite of putting in my login the data does not appear. What am I missing?

I don’t think it works. I set it up too with the hope not of using the Dexcom Obscurity stuff but of transferring the data to Glooko and, thereby, integrating it with my Omnipod data. It didn’t work; it has been enabled for over a year but the last data on Clarity is from November 6, 2018.

I figured I was in a maze of twisty passages all alike, phlugh.

@Mikey417 xDrip+ uploads to Dexcom Share servers, but not to Dexcom Clarity servers.

The Clarity upload is one of the most asked for features, but unfortunately Clarity is very locked down by Dexcom. The only way to get data into Clarity is to upload it from a Dexcom receiver.

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Hum; and how do I find those? I’ve got a Dexcom account, I’ve got a Clarity account (apparently), but where on earth is the Dexcom share server? In a basement behind a locked door maybe?

@jbowler When I upload to Dexcom Share, where does it go to? To the Dexcom servers behind closed doors? Because it sure doesn’t go to Clarity servers.

Or maybe it’s a figment of my imagination? Or of those I share with?

I was asking a serious question; I can’t find how to access that data. This causes me some concern (yes, I have discontinued uploading to it; I guess I was stupid, uploading my data to somewhere I can’t find, but the whole thing was incredibly confusing).

@jbowler I do not know how Dexcom has their servers configured. But I do know that uploading to Share does not mean the data goes into Clarity.

Ok, I, and I suspect the OP, had thought that it was an accessible repository for our data. It seems it’s just a dropbox; a place where data can be deposited and picked up by someone else. I understand that Nightscout and other programs can access it and I guess I could if I read the code, but I’m not sure that it is something very safe. Certainly it is not to be enabled without full understanding.

Replying to myself:


Thanks to everyone for replying.

So how do I upload to a database that I can view statistics, time in range, and etc. As well as have my Doc review the data?

I just started using xdrip this week, so it is still a little confusing.


@Mikey417 XDrip+ provides a few options.

First, you can upload to Tidepool. It has Clarity- like statistics and it’s in the cloud, meaning your doc or whoever you want can be given access.

You can also upload to Nightscout, which has data crunching that in many ways is superior to Clarity. Again it is cloud based.

You can also use the statistics that are generated in the xDrip+ app internally. There are a couple of ways to share these stats. You can set up an xDrip+ sync group, or you can print them out. But they are not in the cloud to be shared with your endo.

If you need any help setting up any of these methods just let me know!

Thank you. I will try it, and if I have difficulty I will contact you.



So, I have been trying to set up everything for Nightscout and Horoku in-between other demands on my attention. But I re-read your e-mail, and can my doc access my readings on Nightscout? Or only Tidepool?



@Mikey417 Just give your doc the website address ( and password if enabled), and he’ll have access to your data.

Assuming there is nothing on that website you want to keep private, you will have no data breach worries.

I am a little slow on this, but:
what is API_SECRET value (minimum 12 characters) ? Is that automatically generated? if I generate it do I enter it on the Honku site? I don’t see an auto function in the phone app. How/where do I come up with the pass phrase.
How do I link to the analysis apps
Sorry for all this basic questions, but to me it is not that straight forward.

@Mikey417 The API_Secret value is up to you to generate. Generate it and write it down and don’t lose it.

Just give the doc the web address of what you want him to see. It is essentially a web site.