I have the Dexcom G5 and a Samsung Galaxy S8+. I deleted the Dexcom app and tried the latest nightly Xdrip but went back for 3 reasons. Please help me and I may go back to Xdrip:

  1. My doc needs the Dexcom reports. I couldn’t get it to sync with Clarity. Kept asking me for a 10 diget #? What does it lack once you get it working?

  2. The numbers seemed to fluctuate more than the Dex. Might just be me.

  3. Couldn’t get backfill to work? (Example: Take a shower, looses those 20 min)

Also, the interface seemed very busy with lots of options. Is there a tutorial on what means what and why you would need certain options?

Thanks for your help.

Welcome @bpollina, a very interesting first post. After you get your question answered, you may want to introduce yourself here:

I am not an Xdrip user currently, so I can’t answer everything, but I can answer two of your three questions.

  1. The physician’s office provides the number that you put into clarity to share. If they don’t provide you that number, you cannot automatically send them data.

  2. Dexcom uses a different algorithm than Xdrip+ to show you your current readings, so it should be no surprise that the Dexcom and Xdrip+ give you different readings. My guess is that Dexcom does more smoothing than the simple algorithm in the Xdrip+ app. I wouldn’t think the long-term results would be that different, but each person reacts in a different way.

As to 3., I am sure @docslotnick or another Xdrip user will be along shortly.

The latest xdrip offers a “native” algorithm. This is provided the same readings used by Dexcom. It communicates with the Dexcom transmitter in the same manner as the receiver to provide the same readings. It also provides the backfill readings.

You need to enable it under the xdrip+ Settings G5 Debug Settings.

@bpollina Welcome to FUD! Hope to see you on all the threads.

In answer to your questions:

  1. XDrip+ does not upload to Clarity. There’s someone working on it as we speak, but Dexcom has Clarity locked up pretty tight. You might look at “Statistics” on the menu, it has more information than you’ll ever get out of Clarity, and it’s arranged in three screens, and in many different time frames. I just print the screens for my doc. Also you can set up Share to Share all the data with anyone you choose.

  2. @Trying already answered. You can have xDRIP+ use the exact same G5 algorithm that the Dexcom uses. You find that option in settings.

  3. I don’t know why backfill is not working for you. It has always worked for me. But my watch (that I use as the receiver or collector) is always within range of the transmitter.

One of the beauties of xDrip+ is that there are so many options. The best tutorial once you have it up and running is to go through all of the settings and choose how you want it to operate. You can choose colors for the graph, what is displayed in on screen status notes, alarms, trend line additions, and more. It’s all there and makes the Dexcom app look boring. But to get it all going just the way you want it takes some time and experimentation. And don’t worry, it’s hard to break anything.

Good Luck, and have fun!

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Thanks everyone. Did the upgrade and loving it so far!

@docslotnick: what exactly do you print out for your MD and how do you print it from your phone? Never did that before.

@bpollina Congratulations!
I use a WiFi printer and an app called printer share. But there are many other ways to do it.

I print out all three statistics pages for 30 and 90 days, and any single day that’s interesting or I want to reference from history. I also use my phone to show him screens that I didn’t print. He seems very satisfied. You can also ask him what he would like for next time.