Xdrip and dexcom

I am about one week into using xdrip and I love it but has a few questions that I am hoping someone out there can help me answer. I was under the impression that I couldn’t”t run both dexcom (clarify) and xdrip but there is a section in the settings of xdrip that has me confused. Under Setting-Data sync-cloud upload-Dexcom shrare server upload- with options to enter your acct and p/w along with the receiver serial #. What does this mean? I deleated the dexcom app as was recommended to avoid competing Bluetooth signals. Am I able to run dexcom reports from xdrip data?

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@Ebenoit Unfortunately, the Dexcom account info in xDrip+ is only for Dexcom Follow. XDrip+ currently does not upload to Clarity.

Options for reports are:

  • xDrip+ reports

  • upload to Nightscout and get those reports

  • Connect xDrip+ to one of the many apps that can import Dexcom data and use those reports (Project BGL, Diabetes-M, Etc.).

If you’re using G6 you should be able to run the Dexcom receiver simultaneously and then use the Clarity Uploader on your computer. But you can’t have both apps on the same phone.


@docslotnick, your deep knowledge of xdrip always astounds me! I don’t think I have seen an xdrip question you can’t answer :slight_smile: