Sharing Data - xDrip help request

How do I go about sharing my data from xDrip+ with my provider? And by how, I mean can anyone give me step by step instructions?? THANKS!!! #Iamold #nottechsavvy


There are many here who know xDrip, I just don’t know all of the people who are the experts.

I edited your thread title so people will see xDrip in it. That will call the experts to the thread.

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Hi @sggmom62 There are several ways to share your data in xDrip+

  1. Dexcom Follow. Just enter your Dexcom credentials and your followers. Settings>Cloud upload

  2. Nightscout. You can create a Nightscout site and give your doctor or anyone else your url. Just Google “Nightscout setup” for instructions on setting up a site. It’s well worth the trouble. Then set up the upload in settings> Cloud upload

  3. Tidepool. XDrip+ recently added Tidepool upload. Tidepool gives most of what Dexcom Clarity offers, and it is shareable with your doctor.

  4. Use xDrip+'s internal statistics function. It provides today, yesterday, 30 day and 90 day statistics, and they can be printed out. This is the route I take for reports to my endocrinologist. Main menu>statistics

  5. You can export data to excel in a .csv file with the import- export feature. Three dot menu in upper right corner of main screen> import> export features.

About the only thing you can’t do in xDrip+ is upload to Dexcom Clarity, they keep their file format proprietary.

PS: #Iamold too :joy:


Thank you!!! #oldpeopleneedtosticktogether LOL


@docslotnick made a great list! IMHO the Tidepool option is the easiest to set up and maintain, but the Nightscout site has many more available options, especially for reporting. If you choose Nightscout, you might be able to get someone here to set it up for you if you ask nicely, lol.


Pretty pretty PLEEEEEEEASE??? LOLOL I just need to be able to share my data with my Endo who is a PA and I have a great professional relationship with.

@sggmom62 Just print out the statistics from xDrip+ for 30 and 90 days, and bring your phone with you to the appointment for reference.

That would be all the info a doctor would want, and she’ll be impressed with your knowledge and savvy.


She knows me far too well as far as being impressed with my knowledge… She is impressed with my OB knowledge but as far as Diabetes goes, My only knowledge is gestational and that is a whole different ballgame! Growing tiny humans with diabetes is crazy.

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Re: option 5.
The problem with this method is it only lets you export a single day.
I was able to export the database and I can open it using DB Browser for SQLite. I can even export the BG table to XLS format, but I can’t figure out what format the ‘timestamp’ field is in…which makes the rest of it kind of useless.

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The csv file that gets downloaded from xDrip+ uses the date format “dd.MM.yyyy;HH:mm;”.

For example, “04.03.2021;13:44;;;;0.4;”
indicates 0.4U of insulin was bolused on March 4, 2021, 1:44 PM

The timestamp field in the DB is the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT represented by the date. You should be able to use SQLite the strftime function to format the timestamp as needed.