Xdrip+ / nightscout to clarity via what app?

My endo doesn’t mind me using Xdrip+ or even Nightscout, but says that due to HIPA regulations they cannot get my #s off a web site and I have to FAX them in if I need tweaking help.

I know I read somewhere that there is a way to EXPORT the data from either Xdrip+ or Nightscout to some 3rd party app and then get that app to upload to clarity but it gave no details. I’m coming from a G6 if that makes a difference.

Any ideas please?

@bpollina @docslotnick is the resident expert on XDrip round these here parts. Might PM him to see if he knows.

@bpollina you might also consider xdrip to Tidepool which is free.


@bpollina XDrip+ doesn’t currently upload to any app except Nightscout or an app that uses the SiDiary csv format. But the developer is on the verge of making a deal with Tidepool to upload data to them. It shouldn’t be long.

@elver Great find! Thanks.

Were you able to implement this? The ReadMe is not understandable, and even by guesswork it’s not apparent how to get this working. Any suggestions appreciated.

@ianrobertdouglas. I ended up deploying a heroku page with a NightScout instance that auto uploads from xdrip. I have then deployed spouses xdrip instance as a follower via NightScout. I have yet to be able to upload to any Clarity servers.

The Tidepool uploads were an option on Settings>cloud upload in XDrip app. I am uploading every 20 minutes, and the data w/o contextual notes shows in Tidepool

@elver Thank you for that. Unfortunately, I face an SSL error when connecting to Tidepool. I’ve searched for some of these terms, but I’m not finding a solution so far.
Meanwhile, nothing appears to be uploading to Dexcom’s servers, so neither Clarity nor Tidepool so far.
Essentially, I was hoping to create a visual data archive, one from which I could extract reports on an ongoing basis for my son’s endo.

I get that with my NightScout setup, but it still works. For sure the user name and user pword are accurate, yes? Upload to https:\app.tidepool.org? Possibly @docslotnick might have some valuable insight.

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@ianrobertdouglas. Do you have a free NightScout site? The reporting features are better than Clarity, and so far my Endo is a fan. I also gave my Endo the sure address so she can see real time my bg levels. All free like Tidepool. I also upload to Tidepool

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Hi @ianrobertdouglas You need to either uncheck the “use inegration service” and enter your normal Tidepool login info, or check it and set up a new account at int-app.tidepool.org. the int-app site was originally used just to test the load on tidepool’s servers and work out any bugs. There really is no reason anymore to start using the int-app site at this point.

If you don’t see that option, download the latest nightly build of xDrip+.

After you enter your tidepool credentials use the test button to make sure you’ve connected.

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I checked and double-checked my username and password, but nothing is going through to Tidepool. I do have a Nightscout site. My setup is Dexcom G6 --> iPhone (Spike app) --> Apple Watch & Nightscout --> iPads (Spike) & xDrip on my Android phone. I am looking for a means to capture, centralise and store/archive data, and filter it and make understandable reports from it. Because I want to monitor my son remotely (via Nightscout), as I understand it this prevents us using Clarity. I’m still exploring options, but Tidepool appeared to offer more or less what I need.

I haven’t been using the int-app site. So that checkbox has remained unchecked. Still, however, I get the SSL error and no data is relayed through to Tidepool.

@ianrobertdouglas. What happens when you tap “test tidepool connection”? You really can’t be refused a connection if your credentials are entered correctly. The app just uses the info you put in.

I get a box saying, “Login failed - see event log for details”. When I go to the Recent Errors and Warnings, I see the error I posted above.

@ianrobertdouglas Do you have something set on your phone to prevent the ssl connection? Short of incorrect credentials, that would be the only thing preventing the connection.

I would recommend installing the latest nightly version of xDrip+ as this function has been heavily tweaked since its inception.

Not that I know of. But I live in Egypt which, let’s say, is not the most understanding country when it comes to people taking internet security into their own hands. It’s possible that it’s a problem with my mobile provider.

The version I have of xDrip+ is the nightly build from 22 February, but I see just now another build was published 3hrs ago. I’ll try upgrading, but I expect the problem is not in the app.


@ianrobertdouglas. I’ve been reading about ssl connections in Egypt. They use a protocol called DPI, or Deep Packet inspection, that resets HTTPS connections. I think automatic connections may be adversely affected under this protocol.

You might post a request on Github to see if this restriction has a workaround for Tidepool upload.

Good luck!


Thank you so much! I’ll do exactly that. The latest build also fails. Thank you for your help.

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Thanks @docslotnick!