xDrip stopped uploading to Nightscout


I had a Dexcom G6 --> xDrip+ --> Nightscout setup that worked perfectly.

Here’s what’s happening now:

  • I decided to change my collector to the Dexcom app
  • I am still using xDrip so it is grabbing CGM data from Dexcom Share
  • Immediately, xDrip+ stopped uploading to Nightscout.
  • The event log has no references at all to Nightscout - all there is in there are events related to my bluetooth fingerstick meter and succesful Tidepool uploads.
  • System status Nightscout REST, but also says 0 bgReadings, 0 BloodTest and 0 Treatments queued to Nightscout at all times

OK… so I at most would assume maybe xDrip doesn’t upload data it receives from Dexcom share. I could live with that - I just set up Nightscout’s Bridge and I get the trend that way, But what about treatments, notes, carbs, and meter readings? Whay aren’t those uploaded?

BTW both CGM data and treatments are uploaded flawlessly to Tidepool.

If I switch to xDrip as collector (i.e. uninstall Dexcom app, re-pair xDrip with transmitter) everything works again.

If you’re wondering, I’m using Dexcom app ONLY because now my endo ONLY wants Clarity reports. It doesn’t seem there is any other way to give him that. But I really, really like Nightscout and I cannot give it up.

Other info that may or may not be useful:
Dexcom G6 8Lxxxx
xDrip+ 2006111622 (6/11 nightly) on Pixel 4XL with Android 10
Nightscout 13.0.1 running on Heroku with careportal bwp basal boluscalc iob bridge

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the forum! Several members use xDrip so I imagine someone will be along soon to assist!


I also use Nightscout with Bridge enabled, and xDrip+ with Dexcom Share as the hardware source. I use Loop so all of my treatments are entered in Loop which get uploaded to NS. So normally I do not have NS Upload enabled.

However, I just tested my xDrip+ app on my Android. I re-enabled my Settings - Cloud Upload - Nightscout Sync (REST API), and made sure that the Extra Options has Upload Treatments checked.

To test, I entered 1g carb with the xDrip+ Treatment tool, and it shows up in both xDrip+ graph, and on my NS webpage. Is this your question? Or am I misunderstanding your issue?

xDrip+ after using the Treatment tool to add 1g carb:

NS shows the the xDrip+ treatment immediately after it is uploaded by xDrip+:

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Yes, that’s exactly my question. And it doesn’t work. Dang it.

Thank you so much for going through all the trouble to test.

Can you confirm your xDrip version?


I built xDrip+ myself from master branch on 2020-02-27
Nightscout 13.0.1

I could update to the latest code and rebuild, but I don’t see any diffs in the code from 2020-02-27 and 2020-06-11 related to NS uploads.

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