Xdrip and nightscout broken

I had xdrip running just fine on my phone and configured it to collect on the heroku site. I called Dexcom and they made me uninstall xdrip and reinstall dexcom for troubleshooting.

the problem is I do not remember where to go again in xdrip and what to put where to get it uploading again.

I have all my usernames passwords etc and my url is https://bradsxdrip.herokuapp.com/ . I just can’t remember settings in xdrip.

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@bpollina -

Goto Settings -> Cloud Upload ->

There are two options:

  1. MongoDB - THis uploads to a Mongo Labs Database directly (It is what I use)
  2. Nighscout Sync (REST-API) This is the one you use to sent to nightscout directly. I suspect this is the one you probably want.

All the settings are there including the place to put your heroku site name.


I’m probably tgec2nd one but on heroku not a sure so how do I figure out my base url?

Finally found it at http://www.nightscout.info/wiki/welcome/set-up-nightscout-using-heroku


once I did that, it worked like a charm!



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