Advice on sharing CGM data from Xdrip+ with clinicians via Nightscout

Me and my son are both T1D and use a Dexcom G6 with Xdrip+. He was recently diagnosed and his clinicians would like me to share the Dexcom data via Clarity. But we don’t use Clarity. I’m really happy with the setup we have and did not like the Dexcom smartphone and watch software at all when I first tried it. We use Nightscout and I have shared the link to his data with them but they just don’t seem to get it or can’t make it work. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get this CGM data to his clinical care team without requiring us to stop using Xdrip+? I’ve sent screen caps of the Nightscout report screens, and they were happy with this but it’s labor-intensive and it would be so much better if there were some way for them to access the data themselves.
One more bit of background that might help- none of them had heard of Xdrip+ or Nightscout before I told them.


Hi @bwschulz

A couple of things. @docslotnick gave a list of some different ways to share. Here is his post, this is a good one to read:

You know this since you have D yourself. And I apologize for getting preachy here, but they work for you.

You pay them to do a job, they don’t pay you. So they work for you.

Here is how I share my data with you. If you don’t know how to access it, I can help you learn. I can provide you the data, but this is how I do it. It’s my son’s data, and this is how I share it. We don’t use Clarity, we do it this way.

It is a strange relationship with doctors. Imagine hiring someone to put wallpaper up in your house, and they start picking the wallpaper patterns and telling you how to arrange your furniture.

Again, I apologize. But I have no tolerance for endo’s telling me how to do my D stuff. My rant is over. :joy:


A few years back when my endo was not requesting Clarity downloads at my appts I would print reports at home, highlight things I wanted to discuss, we would go over the paper printouts and call it a day. Not sure if that will work for you but might be worth a try.


Thanks, that’s a good summary. I’m unfamiliar with the Dexcom follow one though, would that let them enter his data into their own Clarity or something? I should probably send them this list and ask which one they would prefer.

I should be clear that his clinical team is great and very cooperative, but uninformed on the Xdrip+ front. I got worried when the ER nurses treating his DKA said “they don’t usually put kids on a CGM for a month or two”, but when I asked the endo when she would want to put one on him she said “yesterday” (he had been admitted for DKA the day before). I think the nurses just look for his Clarity data, can’t find it, and assume they forgot to invite him or we forgot to accept. It’s a large practice and there are several nurses, so I think it’s more of a communication issue than anything else…


That sounds good about them being cooperative. Sometimes it’s hard to tell from posts if an endo is being ridiculous. I’ve heard and experienced a lot of bad things over the years. :grinning:

Get @docslotnick in this thread, and he will help you out. :+1:


not sure if this helps, but my endocrinologist logs into my personal night scout website and is able to see reports, trends, etc, and this is using Dexcom, Eversense, libre, over the years…seems like they are too used to Dexcom and are over thinking the process… nightscout rules


This is where I’m trying to get, but I think they’re underthinking rather than overthinking it. Do you remember anything specific that got your endo up and running using Nightscout? I’ve sent them info and links and instructions, but then a month later I get another damn invite to Clarity.


I just gave her the website and that was it… you can do the same thing on your phone whatever your nightscout website is, there are report options, the best part is they don’t use a program or download anything, its all on the website…you’ll probably have to explain it while you are there, and they should be embarrassed


You could also check out Nightscout Reporter. It produces very clean and easily understandable reports from your Nightscout data.

Settings are uploaded to ‘default’ profile in NS. And you will be able to pull historic ones from You need to add phrase ‘cors’ to Enable in NS config vars (in Heroku/Azure) to use the ‘Nightscout-reporter’ service.