How much data for CGM data sharing?

I’m looking into mobile phone plans for my daughter that would allow us to use follow or share apps. I have no idea how much data we would need on her phone plan. Can someone give me an idea?

The cgm data transmitted would be so low as to be difficult to measure in the real world.

Music and Videos typically compromise the overwhelming majority of data usage.


And texting and photos…

Not, the same solution as Dexcom Share, but I upload from xdrip on my phone to my Nightscout site. Looking at the mobile data I have used it shows 69 MB since 5/2/2018. So in the scheme of things it basically uses nothing.

For comparison the amount of mobile data used for Youtube for the same time period was 3 Gig.


Thank you! Definitely will go with the lowest amount offered. :wink:

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Based on my phone records.

Xdrip+ uses abput 25 MB per month.
AndroidAPS uses about 150 MB per month.

I used Nighscout with a MLabs database.


Now that I apparently have phone and watch going, will there be a way to periodically get readings to my endo? Had been using dexcom clarity.

Assuming your medical provider is familiar with Dexcom clarity (I would HOPE all Endos are familiar with such and actively use it) then you generate a code which your provider then uses to unlock access to your data.
Point being - yes. Very easy. However there is security in place so YOU still get to decide who has access to your data.

It is the Dexcom App running on the phone which pushes the data into the Clarity cloud from which the provider then is able to access it.

EDIT: If you run the xdrip app instead of the Dexcom app then somebody else (perhaps @docslotnick) would be able to say if the data still gets pushed up to the Clarity cloud.

XDrip+ unfortunately doesn’t upload to Clarity. There is someone working on it but Dexcom is not being helpful. Dexcom has Clarity pretty locked down.

Ok, messing around with apps just now and activated or updated dexcom g5 app on my phone. Is this going to cause any problems? Will it help readings be able to share with doc or will it conflict with watch? All this technology is making my head spin!

@Vlorin It’s not a good idea to run Dexcom and Xdrip+ on the same phone, or in proximity of one another because it sets up competition for the BLE signal.

Only you can decide what is more important to you–sharing data (Clarity) with your doc, or having a watch as your reciever.

Would rather use watch for now. How do i turn off dexcom app…“stop sensor”?

lol - That will stop the session.

Ok, so how do I shut down app?

@Vlorin I think all you would need to do is remove the transnifter number so it won’t connect. I could be wrong though.

The session must be stopped before the transmitter ID can be removed. Actually change to a bogus number - can’t actually be deleted.

So, the trick to stopping the session on the phone without stopping the session on the transmitter is to have the phone far away from the transmitter when you do the operation so the transmitter can not pick up the STOP signal. Once the transmitter ID on the phone is altered then you no longer have to worry as the phone can no longer communicate with THIS transmitter.

Usually, I just bump the transmitter ID up by one or two chars.

EDIT: If doing this solo, you may need to pop out your transmitter and leave it behind while you walk far away with the phone. Then when done, just return and pop the transmitter back in and it should keep humming. Might miss a reading but shouldn’t be any worse than that.


Well I just uninstalled app. Sorry for all the questions…i’m 65, thought kinda tech-savvy but I guess not! Feel kinda like an idiot with all this but at least I got xdrip and phone running!


I hate to guess anybody’s age but @docslotnick might have some experience that proves age does not equate with tech savvy. (or lack thereof - hopefully you got my gist)



If you don’t mind keeping another device in range of the sensor, you can use the Dexcom receiver alongside the phone & watch, then connect with a usb to upload data from the receiver to Clarity.