Tandem users help! Sending data to diabetic nurse

Sending data to diabetc nurse while using Bluejay watch, Dexcom G6 and Tandem x2 pump. No phone. Do i need a phone with xdrip installed? My nurse is requesting i use Dexcom Clarity app. Im in Canada

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The G6 uploads to Clarity (well, it uploads to Dexcom and Clarity has the right auths to access the data.) You can log in to Clarity from any computer that has a web browser. I don’t know what happens if you don’t have a Dexcom account set up; that is most likely required, but once it is there it is accessible to everyone with permission (it’s not very secure.)

Here’s the web site:

It’s not possible to disable the upload with the G6 once you have enabled it; if you don’t have a Dexcom account you might want to think about that before you sign up.

Hope that helps, and welcome to FUD.


Thanks for your reply. I need to know how i upload data to Dexcom Clarity with no phone as I cant use Dexcom receiver and the pump together. I want to use Bluejay watch as well. What device uploads the data without a phone, the pump? I live in a part of Canada with no cell phone service!

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If you don’t have cell service, with the receiver you can plug it into your computer and access the data file, and do it that way.

Since you are not using the receiver, perhaps there is a similar option with the pump, where you plug it in with USB and pull the data file off the pump.

Let’s ask some Tandem users!


I want to use the Bluejay watch also so yes lets ask!


I edited the title of your post so that some Tandem users will see it. :+1:


I use Tandem, and upload data to Tandems site, using T:Connect app on phone. This shows both pump data (basal, bolus) and dexcom cgm on same screen on phone or website. I also use xDrip for CGM only since it has additional features.

My doctor gets access to my T:Connect web data and we review at appointments. Check Tandem website for more details.

But if you must have Clarity, T:Connect won’t help.

An option for must have Clarity is to buy a cheap Android phone model listed on Dexcom that is valid for Dexcom G6 app. I think I used android Samsung J3. But did not buy cell service plan. Instead, via bluetooth you can get Dexcom readings on app. Then with internet access to phone, can load to Clarity. (I think thats how I did it.) Been awhile since I did that, but may still work.


Also, you don’t necessarily need cell phone coverage to upload it. You can just use wifi on your phone.


I don’t use Bluejay, but do use a fitbit watch. By having xdrip app on phone, there is access to get cgm data on watch.

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Omg thanks so much, what a help and how knowledgeable you are and willing to help. Using bluetooth saves the day!

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Have you checked? My general impression is that Dexcom’s agreements with third parties require buying in to their new API; I was very surprised to find that Clarity had my data even though I carefully turned off Dexcom Share (on the Dexcom app.) I found out because my wife’s SugarMate had my BG readings.

I value @John58’s input on this; he’s using the O5 and like the Tandem it takes over the “receiver” slot (so the Dexcom receiver just can’t pair). The receiver operation is done by the Insulet controller (which is an app on a phone) and I suspect the Insulet app uploads to Dexcom; if Clarity works that pretty much proves it.

As @Eric suggests the requirement is a connection to Dexcom on the internet, not specifically a cellular connection. The Tandem pump has a wireless capability:

My hypothesis is that using that will populate Clarity as well, since @Novo_32g has internet access on a regular basis it’s just a matter of enabling the Tandem pump to connect using the same access. (Hum, probably not possible in a public library, but an internet cafe would work.)


Clarity has all the CGM data and I have not used anything but the Omnipod PDM and iPhone G6 app to connect with G6. I do have Clarity app installed on my phone, it’s possible the G6 app is sharing with Clarity app.

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Indeed. So that’s @MM2’s suggestion:

It takes the “receiver” slot which is still available (as I understand it, and quite frankly I’ve written software for 50 years and I find it incomprehensible.)

The jury, or rather the scientist, is still out; the Clarity information may be coming from the Dexcom app (and I do run that evil app as well) or it might be coming from Tandem. We already know the SugarMate story (SugarMate is a Tandem app that was obliged to pretty much disconnect its users to satisfy Dexcom requirements).

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Tandem has a T:Connect phone app that can pair with the Tandem pump (which is equivalent to dexcom receiver). The T:Connect app can then load both dexcom cgm and pump data to the Tandem website version of T:Connect. The phone app just has recent data. But web version is more like Clarity, accumulating data from phone app, automatically when internet or phone connection is available. I don’t have to manually trigger the transfer from phone app to web T:Connect.

And optionally, the Web Connect data can be shared with HC provider if you provide access code. My endo has reviewed those reports with me during appts, which has been very helpful.

The dexcom data never gets to Clarity in my setup.

If I load Dexcom app on phone, and didn’t use T:Connect, then I suppose I could have data loaded to Dexcom Clarity. But its better to have integrated with Tandem data in T:Connect.


Curiouser and curiouser. SugarMate uses the Dexcom API, can it use T:Connect? I just checked my wife’s SugarMate (I no longer use the iPhone); the only data sources it gives are to connect my Dexcom account or my Nightscount Account. There is no option to connect a Tandem account!

Of course it won’t be the first time a big corp has thrown a subsidiary to the dogs, but I still don’t think that is happening.

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Not sure if available in Canada, but if you have access to computer, and if supported you might be able to do computer based download from Tandem pump. I used this Web version before the T:Connect phone app was available in US.

In my case, I use the phone app, which then automatically loads to Tandem web version.

In US, Tandem is testing update to T:Connect app to allow dosing from app.
“We’re looking for the Tandem Family to help with the limited launch of our exciting new feature that allows you to bolus from your smartphone* using the t:connect mobile app.”

From email I received, but I don’t have valid phone version to test it out.

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As others have suggested, the Tandem t:connect Web app can upload from your pump with a USB cable connected to your pump. I also believe that you can use the free, third-party Tidepool app to upload data from just about any pump ( including t:slim) with a USB cable.

In my experience, my CDE, endocrinologist, and nurse practitioner like Tidepool because they see the same reports whether the data came from a Dexcom receiver, a Tandem pump, other Dexcom-compatible pumps, and the Medtronic CGMs and CGM-compatible pumps.

Good luck