Tandem & Dexcom Integration Question

I’ve started the process for getting a Tandem t:slim X2 and I’m really excited about it. But one thing I’m curious about and which I’m not seeing any information about is whether or not the pump or the t:connect software talks to the Dexcom software.

I really don’t want to be plugging in carbs and boluses in two different places. That’s one reason I stopped using the app that came with my monitor–the various integrations with Apple Health aren’t quite where they need to be and I suppose I could jigger something up with IFTTT or Zapier, but I really don’t want to.

I assume that my endo’s office will be able to pull the data from the Tandem software like they can with the Dexcom–if they can, then I don’t care so much about the data moving from the pump app to the CGM app.

I really wish this this were clearer in the documentation. I can’t imagine how people who struggle with technology manage all of this.

Tconnect does not connect to Dexcom software, but Dexcom BS’s upload to Tconnect (via the pump).

Both Tandem (manual) and Dexcom(automated) upload to Tidepool, if you want to go that route for combining the data.

So fortunately you have some options.

I use both Clarity and Tconnect. Tidepool not so much as I get lazy about manually uploading the pump data

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Thank you so much! That’s exactly the information I was looking for. I am also lazy, which is why I try to consolidate everything in one place as much as I can.

I’ve looked at Tidepool a few times, but it seems like it might be a lot of work. (My day job involves a lot of badly formatted data that I have to clean, I have limited patience for doing that in my off hours.)

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There are not any data issues or cleanup of data required with Tidepool that I am aware of. Once data uploaded it is good. It’s just the manual process of uploading the pump data that I’m bad about.

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You could also use Xdrip and automate the Tidepool upload. Any data (carbs exercise, etc) is available in the reports. XDrip to Nightscout and Tidepool both gives you TONS of reporting options. Tidepool also has a mobile app to add context to your uploads

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Maybe I am not understanding the question but it seems to me that @eilatan is asking whether the x2 interfaces with Dexcom. Yes! Of course! That is what makes Control IQ work. And you don’t have to upload to t.connect unless you want charts and graphs. Lots of data is available directly on the t.slim x2. That is what I like best about it. You just have to know where to look. And it takes just seconds to upload to t.connect for the graphs and charts that include all the Dexcom data as well.


Do you upload direct to the Web T:connect, or use T:Connect mobile app, which automatically loads web once linked to web app?

My question wasn’t clear.

The data flow from CGM -> pump is clearly documented.

The data flow from pump -> pump manufacturer software is also clearly documented. As is the flow from CGM -> CGM manufacturer software.

What is not documented is the data flow from pump/pump software -> CGM/CGM manufacturer software. That is: is the connection from the pump to the CGM a read-only connection or is it read-write?

And the answer appears to be that it is a read-only connection, so I’ll have to switch from the Dexcom app to the Tandem app for my data.

There is no reason for the pump to connect with the Dexcom. The information flows into the pump from the CGM (Dexcom) and the pump takes actions according to the data it receives. And the only information that is flowing into the pump is the blood glucose reading every 5 minutes. There are also several warnings of impending demise of the sensor that come up on the pump as well as the end of the 90 days for the Dexcom transmitter.

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Right now, I use the Dexcom app to track my carbs and insulin usage. I don’t like the app’s functionality for those things but I also dislike logging things multiple times and the Apple Health integration for the Dexcom is extremely barebones (it reads blood sugar only, no other inputs from the app) and if I want to provide complete logs to my endocrinologist, I have to log these things somewhere and I’ve chosen the path of least resistance. It is now quite clear that after I get the pump, the path of least resistance will be through a different route. That’s all I really wanted to know. Thanks!

The tandem mobile app will combine the pump and dexcom data immediately. I use phone app all the time rather than digging through menus on pump.
As long as you link the tandem web app to your phone mobile app, all pump/cgm data will load to cloud, and you can give access to Dr, or review/prnt summary reports.